Seahawks Preseason Game 4 Having missed the first preseason..."/> Seahawks Preseason Game 4 Having missed the first preseason..."/> Seahawks Preseason Game 4 Having missed the first preseason..."/>

The View from Section 333


Seahawks Preseason Game 4

Having missed the first preseason game, the Seahawks/Raiders game was my first time since training camp to see our team in action. Rather than do a play by play, I’d thought I’d just share some thoughts from Thursday night.

  1. Russell Wilson is more than technically correct. – You know when a really accomplished athlete, one who has perfected their moves is so consistent, so easy to watch? Like the way Matt Hasselbeck had that perfect play action fake? Or the way Ichiro went through his batting warm up each time complete with the tugging up of his sleeve? Or the way Beastmode can fake a defender right out of his shoes? Well, Russell Wilson is different than all that. He’s… well… graceful. His hand-offs are technically correct, but when he drops back to pass, it’s so smooth and so graceful that he’s passed before you know it. There’s no huge “arm action” or indicator on where he’s going to throw it, it’s just in the air. He’s really interesting to watch.
  2. Matt Flynn is so solid. – Matt Flynn is the quarterback I thought he would be. Proficient, smart, calm, mobile, able to look to his 2nd and 3rd receivers, and a great leader in the huddle.  It’s clear that he’s ready to play and his preparedness shows when he hits the field. If anything happens to Wilson, there’s not the usual stomach clench at the thought of the other quarterback coming in.
  3. Depth – One of the biggest evolutions Pete and John have created in the last 3 years is depth at multiple positions. Watching the second string and the “trying to make the team” players wasn’t as exciting perhaps, since the Raiders were playing theirs as well, but it was worthwhile. There were several players that were very impressive and you knew we couldn’t keep them because the talent in front of them had a lock on the roster spots.
  4. The Defense – The defense is so solid, so in tune with each other. It’s like they’re all wearing foil under their helmets so they can read each others thoughts. They’re big, they’re fast, they’re bad ass.

And now for a couple non-football related observations.

  1. There’s new food! When you walk into the lower stadium from the north entrance, you want to keep walking past the Top Pot donuts (if you can) and head toward the center of the concourse. In front of the Pro Shop, there’s a vendor in the middle of the floor that sells Mac and Cheese (with penne pasta) and Tomato Basil soup! I know it’s that exciting in August, but visualize yourself in November when it’s all chilly and what not. Yes! I tried the mac and cheese and it was All That!
  2. There’s real beer and it’s easy to find! If you’re a craft been aficionado and you hate cruising vendor to vendor trying to find something besides Bud Light, you’re in luck. The stadium now has Craft Brew stands and you can easily find an IPA, a stout or a Wit effortlessly. The downside is that you’ll pay $9.50 for a premium draft, but it’s a wonderful option! Now if only they would carry a strong cider!

See you at the next game!