Cardinals Drop Seahawks 20-16


Very frustrating game to watch on so many levels. No just the loss, but the way the team lost. Very painful Sunday for Seahawks fans this week.

While it would have been nice to get the W, the Seahawks simply didn’t deserve to win this game. They just didn’t. Not with the way they played in the 1st half. Not with the way they got dice apart by Kevin Kolb of all people. Not with that fact that they had 8 shots at the endzone from inside the 20 yard line and couldn’t complete a pass.

Game notes:

  • The team was clearly unprepared for this game. No working gameplan on either side of the ball in the first half. It was pretty embarrassing.
  • Luckily the defense did a good job of keeping things close in the first half, or this game could have gotten very ugly.
  • 13 penalties is ridiculous. Absolutely no excuse for that. None.
  • Blocked FG in the first half really meant something in the end. w/o that, the Seahawks are only down 1, and win this game easily.
  • Russell Wilson didn’t play particularly well, but he wasn’t bad either. The pass protection was nothing to be happy about, and Wilson looked rattled early. He settled down in the 2nd half.
  • Be patient Seahawk fans. Wilson is a rookie making his first start. If this is as bad as the rookie growing pains get then we’re in for good season from our QB.
  • Lynch has 20 runs even though he was battling back spasms for the past month. Expect him to get 25-30 from here on out now that he’s healthy.
  • Brandon Mebane is really good. If you didn’t already know that, what have you been watching the past 3 years?
  • Chris Clemons is a beat as a pass rusher. Once he got going the game changed in the Seahawk’s favor.
  • Leon Washington proved his value to the team in the game. His 2 returns really change the game and got the Seahawks back in it.
  • Ultimately, this loss should be put squarly on the shoulders of Pete Carroll, but more on that in another article.