Overreaction Meter Set To Extreme After Seahawks’ Loss


I’ve been avoiding writing for the past couple days. Yes, I posted an injury update, but that’s just news. Anything that I wrote would have ended up clouded by my disappointment and frustration. I’ve re-watched the game. I’ve broken down some of the coaches tape, and I’m ready to write again. But first, I need to address some of the things I’ve seen over the last couple days.

1) Russell Okung is not awful, nor was he the problem on the O-line on Sunday, nor is “made of glass.” All of that is complete nonsense. He was kicked in the knee early in the 2nd quarter and suffered a bone bruise. He played through pain that would sideline most players, and did a decent, but not great, job. He was certainly better than Sweezy and Giacomini, both of whom didn’t do anything positive in the game, and was never given any TE/RB help even after being injured.

Seriously people, Okung is not a concern. I get that haters are going to hate, but the rest of this is nonsense. Okung’s play was probably the 4th or 5th best out of the 14 or so players that get significant playing time on offense. Seriously people, your frustration is misplaced here.

2) It is not time to bench Russell Wilson. I’ll have more on this in a later post. Wilson wasn’t great, but he was decent. Especially considering he was a rookie making his first start, and that he was under pressure all game. Yes he made some bad throws, but he also made some outstanding plays. At this point, we need to let this play out and see what happens.

3) The offense’s problem was also not the problem of Darrell Bevel. The play calling wasn’t the problem, the problem was the blocking, and execution of the plays that were called. Bevel shouldn’t be blamed for players simply failing at their assignments.

Would you or I have called different plays in certain situations? Of course we would have, we have different experiences. That’s not the point. It’s not like he kept calling a fade over and over on 3rd and 1. The plays called would have succeeded had the players executed them properly.

4) Pete Carroll isn’t built for the NFL and should go back to college? I’m not ready to go that far. It might be proven at some point, but the data here is mixed. This defense certainly is built to dominate the NFL. Carroll’s method is working there. And this team is better than year 3 of the Holmgren era.

My point in all this is just to say that we all need to calm down. We didn’t learn anything new on Sunday. All the “evidence” for any of the 4 points topics above are 100% confirmation bias. The team didn’t execute. It lost. It sucks.

But lets let this play out before jump to any conclusions.