Seattle Seahawks Rip Dallas Cowboys 27-7


What a huge win for Seahawks! They really needed this victory. What was really amazing wasn’t that the Seahawks won, but it was the way the simply dominated every aspect of this game. Defense, Special Teams, and even the offense (in the 2nd half) were simply better than the Cowboys in this game.

Game Notes:

  • Defense and Special teams were outstanding in the first half and really set the tempo for the game.
  • The Seahawks gave up a lot of yards early in this game, but Brandon Browner’s interception helped to make sure the Cowboys couldn’t turn all those yards into points.
  • The real trouble was the Seahawks Defense inability to get off the field on 3rd down. Tony Romo improvised very well, and coverages broke down. The defense fixed the problem early in the 2nd quarter, and the Cowboys struggled to move the ball the rest of the game.
  • Russell Wilson wasn’t good in the first half, but was oh-so-good after halftime. Hopefully this will end the QB controversy, at least for now.
  • Marshawn Lynch was huge in this game. Not just the yards, but he got the yards when the team needed them. He was also big on pass protection. That is what a franchise player needs to do, and he did it.
  • Bruce Irvin got his first sack! (Finally)
  • Sydney Rice was not on the field at the end of the game. No word yet on an injury.
  • Golden Tate looked to be the playmaker the Seahawks thought they were drafting back in 2010. He got open, made yards after the catch, and looked very good.
  • Tate also had the hit of the day, but I think it was illegal and will cost him some cash when the league reviews it and hands out fines this week. There are two .gif version of the hit at the bottom of this article, decide for yourself.
  • Braylon Edwards was active, and presumably not hurt, and only played 1 snap on the final drive of the game after the game’s outcome was decided. All I can say is… wow!
  • The Seahawks got the ball back up at their own 10, up only 13-7 in the middle of the third quarter. They marched 90 yards for a TD. The next possession started at the 12 yard line and went 88 yards for a TD. Combined the drives took over 12 minutes off the clock. You’re not going to lose when you do that.
  • A special Kudos has to be given to TE Anthony McCoy. We’ve been hard on him for his inability to catch the ball, or block, or do anything else TEs are supposed to do, but he played very well in this game. I firmly believe that if I’m going to criticize when players do poorly, I have to give them props when they play well, and McCoy played very well. Hopefully he’s turned the corner and will be better from here on.
  • Another player that deserves props is backup LT Frank Oliyale. He stepped in when Russell Okung couldn’t play because of his bone bruise on his knee, and he played well. Much better than anyone expected I believe.
  • Oliyale, McQuistan and TE Zack Miller completely shut down DeMarcus Ware, one of the league’s best defensive players.

*Both of these gifs were borrowed, the first from The Big Lead, and the 2nd from I left their logos on the gifs, to make sure the people who created them received proper credit for doing so.