A Seahawks Fan’s Perspective – Every sport has it… th..."/> A Seahawks Fan’s Perspective – Every sport has it… th..."/>

The View from Section 333


A Seahawks Fan’s Perspective –

Every sport has it… the mystique and grandeur of opening day. The anticipation for the game starts when you slip your jersey over your head and builds with each glimpse of tailgaters on the trek to the stadium. There are blue jerseys everywhere… from Largent to Chancellor, from Jones to Kearney. There’s a ripple of goose bumps at the celebratory energy exuded from all corners of the stadium. The magic is waiting. The sight of the program sellers, the sound of Blue Thunder, and the smell of the garlic fries and bratwurst… you are back, and it is time for Seahawks Football!

Everything that’s good about Seahawks football resides at the Clink. Yet there was a little something extra at Sunday’s game against the Cowboys. Perhaps it was the belief that we could bounce back from last week’s loss. Possibly, the jokes about Romo bobbling snaps were the fuel we needed to beat the Cowboys. Maybe the lingering honeymoon from preseason wasn’t quite over.

The game was a roller coaster. The elation of the first 5 minutes of the game evaporated in the second quarter as we watched the Hawks offense struggle to push the ball into the end zone. I heard comments buzzing around me indicating that field goals weren’t enough. There were murmurs that Russell Wilson was over rated by Pete, not ready, not ready… he’s not ready. But I’m an optimist. We’re the underdogs. And that’s the best place for us to play.

Sure enough, the coaches made their infamous half time adjustments. I swear, their half time talks could turn the Mariners into an offensive dynamo. The momentum shifted… the fans took up the challenge. Full throated, full hearted, the 12th man kicked in and supported the defense, drowning out the Cowboy offense every time it took the field.

By the middle of the fourth quarter, seats were emptying. But it wasn’t Seahawk fans leaving. The jerseys making their way to the exits said Romo, Bryant and Ogletree. They had stars on their shoulders and tears in their eyes.

And still we roared…

Winning that opening home game felt like we were kicking off a new era in Seahawk Football.