Seattle Seahawks Sneak Past Packers On Super Controversial Call


The Seahawks didn’t deserve to win this game. I’m not sure the Seahawks did win this game. But it goes down as a W in the standings.

One thing that wont be discussed by the national media is that the way the rule is written, Tate caught the pass and the Seahawks won. The problem is that the last play of the game is never called in that way. Convention states that the Jennings intercepted the pass and the Packers won. Take your pick. Both teams would feel robbed no matter what was called there. It’ll be a controversial win no matter what.

I’ll tell you one thing, I wont lose any sleep over taking the victory here. The Seahawks have had a ref mistake a helmet for the football once and the Seahawks lost because of it. The refs have stolen a

Game Notes

  • The 12th Man was amazing tonight! We have the best fans in the world!


  • This defense is good enough to win a championship. That is simple.
  • The Seahawks had 8 sacks, all in the first half. Clemons had 4. Irvin and Mebane both had 2.
  • The Packer’s TD drive only happened because of a pair of absolutely horrid calls that extended the drive. Otherwise, the Seahawks defense only gives up 6 (or 9 depending on which drive extended penalty you’re talking about) to an elite Green Bay offense.
  • Yes people, you’re reading that right. This defense is championship caliber.


  • As good as the defense is, the offense is so very very bad right now.
  • Marshawn Lynch did his part. 25 carries for 98 yards. The problem with the offense had nothing to do with him.
  • Russell Wilson will take a lot of the heat for the offense this week, and I think it will be deserved. Wilson did not have a good game. I’ll take a look at the tape, but it appears that he just was lost out there tonight.
  • 9 of 20 for 106 yards. That was Wilson’s stat line before the final play that probably should have been an interception.
  • Wilson also threw another pick that was called back for a questionable ruffing the passer call.
  • I’m not calling for Flynn, don’t mistake me here. Wilson is still the QB in my eyes, but too many more games like this and he wont be anymore. Lets not make excuses, and lets call a spade a spade. Wilson absolutely did not play well tonight.

Other Thoughts:

  • While the Packers fans and the national media will focus on the final play, lets not forget that this entire game was officiated horribly.
  • The Packers were only ahead by 5 because of a pair of horrible phantom calls that extended the packers drive and gave them the TD w/o those calls, it’s a 7-9 game and the Seahawks only needed a FG to win.
  • It’s really a shame that everyone is focussing on that one play, because no one play ever decides a game. A game in won as composite of all the plays. Had the Packers made any plays whatsoever in the first half then the game isn’t close enough at the end for that play to happen.
  • It really makes me sad that after 59:59 of football, no one will ever talk about anything except the last second. There was some good football there, especially by the Seahawk defense, and it will be lost because of one controversial call that came after 15-20 other horrible calls.