Poll: Seahawk Touchdown or Packer Interception?


The last play of last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Seahawks and the Packers will likely be the most talked about ref call of the entire season. Most of the football world has already decided that it was called incorrectly, but I want to know your opinion on the matter. But before we get to the poll, take a look at this:

"Rule 8 – Section 3 – Article 1 – Item 5: Simultaneous Catch. If a pass is caught simultaneously by two eligible opponents, and both players retain it, the ball belongs to the passers.It is not a simultaneous catch if a player gains control first and an opponent subsequently gains joint control."

The NFL also issued a clarification after the game on if it matter if one player has 2 hands on the ball and and if the player has 1 hand on the ball:

"The both possessed it."

The way the rule is written, once Tate had possession, regardless of Jennings also having possession, and got his feet down in the endzone, the play is over and it’s a touchdown.

I think the problem here is that the written rule, as you can see above, and the convention of how the rule is usually interpreted by the refs are different. The convention on plays like that is to wait until the players come down with the ball, and see who retains the possession at the end of the play. Under that interpretation, it would be easy to give in the interception to Jennings.

So we have 2 different interpretations on what the rule is, and how it should be applied. Now, having all that clarified, what is your take on the controversial play?