Seahawks Defense Primed For Big Game Vs Rams


The Seahawks defense is good. I think that should be clear to anyone who paying attention.

Sep 24, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks defensive ends Bruce Irvin (51) and Jason Jones (90) celebrate during the game against the Green Bay Packers at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

If fact, it should be clear to even those who aren’t paying attention. The Seahawks gave up only 12 points to the Green Bay Packers, who are an elite offensive team. And 6 of those points were only scored because of a string of horrible calls (and non-calls of egregious holds) by the replacement referees.

The Rams offense? Well, lets just say that they haven’t been as impressive. The Rams are 28th in total offense after 3 weeks. They are 20th on the ground, and 27th through the air.

The Rams have also given up 12 sacks so far this year, which is the 2nd most in the league, while the Seahawks have 10 sacks, which is the 5th most in the league.

Seattle is also 9th in the league with 4 takeaways in 3 games, while the Rams are 20th in the league with 5 turnovers over the same time period.

Statistically, any way you look at it, this game should be a good one for the Seahawks defense. Things look even better once you leave the statistics behind and look at some of the game’s matchups.

The Rams have struggled to slow down the pass rushers so far this year, and the Seahawks now have a pair of good looking pass rushers. Bruce Irvin, who struggled at time during the first couple games, really broke out and was a force early in the game against the Packers. When the packers switched the TEs and backs over to help slow Irvin down, Chris Clemons was left 1 on 1 on the other side and took really took over the game with 4 sacks in the 2nd quarter.

If the Rams are going to protect QB Sam Bradford, they are going to have to keep 6 or 7 players in to block on each passing play, which will only help the Seahawk’s already strong secondary by limiting the number of players they have to cover.

Ultimately though, the games are not won on paper. While it seems that the Seahawks defense should have a huge advantage, they have to actually step up and realize that advantage on the field. Bring on the Rams!