Seattle Seahawks Edge Carolina Panthers 16-12


This was a much needed win for the Seahawks. They needed a road win in the first half of the season if they were going to challenge for a playoff birth, and they finally got one. It took a gargantuan effort by the defense to do so, as the offense remains a major liability, but a win is a win. I’ll take it.

Plus, every win buys the offense time to get their act together. The talent is there, but they need things to come together, and that will happen with time.

Game Notes


  • This defense is absolutely amazing. Cam Newton was completely lost, and then completely frustrated. That just doesn’t happen. This is another good offense that the Seahawks have completely shut down.
  • If you didn’t know this defense was god before today, you haven’t been paying attention.
  • Bruce Irvin had 2 more sacks, giving him 4.5 on the season through just 5 games. He also had the strip of Newton that iced the game for the Seahawks.
  • Brandon Browner was the game’s MVP in my eyes. Very very good today. His stop on the option play, where he also forced and recovered the fumble, was the difference in the game. It clearly gave the Seahawks the momentum they needed. He also made the stop at the 1 on 3rd and goal, which was the biggest play on that goal line stand that preserved the lead.
  • The Panthers ended the game at 190 yards of total offense. Let that sink in for a second.
  • 42 of those yards were Newton using his legs. Only 148 on plays that weren’t broken plays when the  QB scrambles.
  • You’re not impressed enough. Re-read the last 2 bullet points. (or not, but it really is very impressive)


  • Wilson showed some much needed improvement. Yes, I know it’s against a bad defense, but the quality of the defenses wasn’t making Wilson not throw the ball to wide open players. He didn’t do that this week, which is why the offense was much better. Yes the pick-6 was bad, but I wanted to see improvement, and I saw that this week. Remember the great pass to Tate that was called back because of penalty when evaluating him. His performance was better than what the stat sheet shows.
  • I will say that I went into this game knowing that if Wilson played poorly, then it would be time for a switch to be made. He didn’t. Instead he played rather well. He’s earned more patience from me and (hopefully) the rest of the 12th Man.
  • I also really like the Seahawks use of play action this week. Everyone knows the Seahawks are going to run the ball, so using that to their advantage is the right thing to do.
  • Lynch didn’t get going as early as I expected, but the Panthers were selling out to stop the run. Its why the play action worked so well.

Everything Else:

  • Penalties!!!! seriously, what the hell? I’m getting so tired of penalties being a story every week.
  • I was glad to see Breno Giacomini benched after a few more stupid penalties. He came back in and managed to keep his cool. Seahawks should just start fining him for every time he draws a flag. It’s ridiculous.
  • 3 more turnovers. That’s bad no matter how you look at it. Seahawks need to stop shooting themselves in the foot.