Seattle Seahawks Top Minnesota Vikings 30-20


This was an important win for the Seahawks. A win here kept the path to the playoff clear as long as there aren’t any more significant stumbles. Overall, I’m really happy with the play of the team. Yes, the run defense was bad early, but they “got right” soon enough for the Seahawks to take advantage and pick up a fairly easy win.

Keeping it short this week. Going to go celebrate by spending some time with my family.

Game Notes


  • Russell Wilson has a masterful game. 16 of 25, 173 yards, 3 TD and zero picks. There were also at least drops mixed in there. For the 2nd week in a row, and the third time in the past 4 weeks, Wilson has played like a franchise QB.
  • It’s important to note that he didn’t just have succes in play action situations. He ran the offense well. Completed passes to all three levels of the defense, and only really “missed” on one throw.
  • Marshawn Lynch was even better. 26 carries for 124 yards. Peterson has more yards, but Lynch was the won who ran his team to victory.
  • Wilson QB sneaks does not count as “running it” on 3rd or 4th ans short. Give Lynch the ball!
  • Tate and Rice showed up big in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Both got open with regularity, and provided Wilson with some reliable options when he needed them.
  • The offensive line had what I think is there best game of the season. In both the running game and the passing game, the line did there thing for more of this game.
  • Russell Okung shut out Jarred Allen, and did so almost completely single handedly. He was given very little TE help in this game, and it didn’t matter.


  • The D simply got run over in the first half. 243 total yards on the ground by the Vikings is, and will always be unacceptable. I don’t care if it’s Adrian Peterson.
  • They played better in the 2nd half, but still gave up a lot of yards on the ground. This needs to be fixed and quick.
  • Aside from losing KJ Wright to injury, the biggest problem was the 2 DTs getting pushed around in the middle of the defense.
  • This was especially true for Brandon Mebane, who was repeatedly blown back into the linebackers by the Viking’s O-line. After looking great during the first few games, Mebane has looked downright ordinary over the last 3.

Overall Observations

  • Just 4 penalties in this game for the Seahawks. The 2 on defense were both pretty bogus if you ask me, but then there were 2 false starts by Breno Giacomini. RT remains a problem for the Seahawks.
  • This is the first time since the 2010 playoff game against the Saints where if felt that the Seahawks played well for more than 2 quarters. The offense was good for all 4, and the defensive effort and pass defense was there was 4 quarters, even if the rush defense didn’t show up until halftime.
  • Leon Washington needs a brain transplant. catching a punt in the endzone and running it out. Absolutely inexcusable. Plus there all the times he continues to run the ball out of the endzone on kickoff just to get tackled at the 14. He needs to be benched for a game to send him a message. Or just cut him. Seriously. Even after a win I’m so done is his horrible decisions.


  • KJ Wright left the game in the first quarter with an concussion and did not return.
  • Max Unger left in the 3rd quarter with an injured hand, but returned on the next drive and played the rest of the game.
  • Kam Chancellor missed a couple plays with a leg injury, but returned.
  • James Carpenter was a late scratch with a concussion (ruled out on Saturday). Apparently there was a hit on Sunday vs the lions, and another one Wednesday in practice, but neither was significant at the time. Had stomach problems after Wednesday’s practice. He also got a flu shot earlier in the week. Pete Carroll ruled him out just to be safe.