Please Go Vote – For Seahawks In The Pro Bowl


With American’s all over the country taking time out of their busy schedules to get to a polling center to vote today, I figured that we should do the same thing here in the NFL world and go cast out pro-bowl ballots.

You can find the official NFL Ballot HERE.

Vote as you see fit, but here are a few Seahawks that I believe are deserving for your consideration:

RB Marshawn Lynch – 2nd in the league in rushing, and averaging over 2 yards after contact on every run.

QB Russell Wilson – The rookie isn’t playing like one. On pace for 3000 yards and 25 TDs.

C Max Unger – Unger doesn’t get much press, but he’s quietly been one of the premier players at this position and Seattle’s best offensive lineman.

WR Sydney Rice – Rice has easily beent he teams best receiver, and is on pace for over 800 yards.

DE Chris Clemons – Clemons has been one of the league’s top pass rushers. Not just in terms of sacks, but just generally getting pressure on the QB.

DE Red Bryant – The league’s best run stopper at DE deserves consideration, even though the position usually showcases pass rushers.

LB KJ Wright – Leads the Seahawks in tackles even after missing all but a couple plays against the Vikings

LB Bobby Wagner – 2nd on the team in tackles, 2 sacks, and an ever increasing roll in every personnel package the Seahawks have on the field.

And all 4 members of the Legion of Boom secondary: Early Thomas, Kam Chacellor, Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner. All are deserving, and all are likely to end up a ticket to Hawaii this winter.