Know Your Enemy: New York Jets


It’s time to begin looking forward to Sunday’s game, and begin breaking down the Jets. I’ve got a ton of game film to finish analyzing, but in the mean time lets get an insider’s take. The best way to get started looking at exactly who the Jets are, is to ask an expert on the team. So joining me this week for a quick Q&A is Alan Schechter from The Jets Press.

1) From an outsider’s perspective, the Jets QB situation is an absolute mess. Is it any better as a Jet’s fan? Can Sanchez still be the guy long term?

The situation is a mess, in part because of how it has divided the fan base. Any move that Mark Sanchez makes is scrutinized even more than in the past, if you can believe that. He is scrutinized enough as the starting QB in the biggest media market in the world, now add Tim Tebow as his backup, and it is nuts. You have the Tim Tebow fanbase that thinks everything is going to change if Tebow comes in the game. You have the other side that feels Mark Sanchez can get it done with the right pieces. Personally, I am on the side that Mark Sanchez can be the guy. The front office has done Mark Sanchez no favors in putting this offense together, and it has shown. You can’t argue that Mark Sanchez has not played well, and until he does, the situation will remain messy. Rex Ryan is not making the move to Tebow, so it will remain a crazy situation.

2) What makes this defense tick? Can it possibly stop Marshawn Lynch?

This defense has been about as big of an enigma as I have seen. Sometimes they are world beaters, sometimes they play like pee-wee leaguers. For most of this season, the Jets defense has looked old and slow. They have improved as of late, giving young players a chance such as Quinton Coples and Demario Davis. They played well against Pittsburgh against the run, and played well for most of the Buffalo Bills game. Can they stop Marshawn Lynch? Yes, they can. Will they? I am not so sure.

3) A Lot of Seahawks Fans wanted Quinton Coples last April. What has been your impression of him so far? Is he going to end up being worth the high draft pick?

He didn’t get a lot of reps early in the season, after playing well in the preseason, so it was hard to get a read on him early. Of late, however, the Jets have been giving him more and more reps, and he looks very good. He is quick off of the ball, and makes his presence felt. He appears to be the guy that will be worth the high pick and then some.

4) What do the Seahawks have to do to win this game?

The Jets have been uncharacteristically bad against the run on defense. Rex Ryan defenses are typically at or near the top of the league against the run, and this team is near the bottom. For the Seahawks to win this game, they are going to need a heavy dose of Marshawn Lynch. The Jets have actually been pretty good defending the pass, despite the loss of Revis. If they try to air it out against the Jets, they won’t be successful. The Seahawks offensive line will have to win the battle upfront and dominate the run game.

5) How do you think this game will unfold? Include a prediction for the final score.

I am going to have to hedge a little bit on this. Don’t be offended, I hedge this question every week. This game is going to come down to Marshawn Lynch against the Jets front seven. If Marshawn Lynch runs wild against the Jets defense, the game will get out of hand. We could be looking at a 31-14 type of game in favor of the Seahawks. The Jets will have to throw the ball a lot to get back in the game, and it will get ugly. If the Jets can keep Lynch down to a reasonable number, the Jets will have a chance. One thing Rex Ryan’s teams do is play well against rookie quarterbacks. If the run game doesn’t go off for the Seahawks, the Jets could win a 24-17 type of game.