Top Ten Things to do on a Seahawks Bye Week


Our top ten list for a Seahawk Sunday with no game…

  1. Reminisce about the awesomeness of the last game.
  2. Tweet the Seahawk Players on your timeline about how much you miss watching them play.
  3. Watch the pregame shows and determine who you need to root against to better the Seahawks playoff perspective.
  4. Ponder the need to wear your lucky Seahawk Sox even though the team isn’t playing.
  5. Linger over breakfast since you don’t have to get ready to leave for the game.
  6. Put all your Hotties in your Seahawk purse so you’re ready for those December games.
  7. Decide to stay in your jammies all day and wait for Red Zone to go to Quad Box.
  8. Hang your jerseys in numerical order
  9. Talk smack on Twitter about next week’s adversaries.
  10. Wonder how you’re going to make it through the off season with this kind of gaping hole in your schedule.

What’s on your list???