2013 NFL Mock Draft The Seahawks Select…


This is going to be a weekly thing on Tuesdays for a while. Most of the NFL sites in our network have moved on to offseason since their teams have little to no hope for the playoffs. That’s not true here in Seattle, but it’s tough to let all this draft info go to waste, so I’m going to be profiling a pick projected for the Seahawks every week.

This week’s mock can be found over at Fansided.com.

"22. Seattle Seahawks – Cordarrelle Patterson, Wide Receiver, TennesseeSeattle needs to add a number one receiver and Patterson has as much potential as anyone that will be available. If you want to get an idea of what Patterson an offer, just watch the Volunteers first game of the season against North Carolina State where Patterson abused then top-ranked cornerback David Amerson"

September 29, 2012; Athens, GA, USA; Tennessee Volunteers wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson (84) runs after a catch in the second half against the Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium. The Bulldogs won 51-44. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Patterson is a guy that has been linked to Seattle quite a bit, especially not that the Seahawks are looking like they’ll have a mid-20s pick. I expect this to trend throughout the draft process. This pick makes a lot of sense.

Patterson wasn’t on my list of early round WRs that I published last month. That isn’t because of a lack of talent, but more because he’s a Junior and I wasn’t sure if he’d come out. His teammate, Justin Hunter, gets more press and hype, so I was expecting Patterson to come back and be “the guy” next year. Apparently that assumption on my part was wrong.

Patterson is 6-3, 205 and runs 4.46 in the 40. He’s the type of guy who can stretch a defense, but isn’t a 1 trick pony like Richardo Lockettte was. Patterson should also be reliable in the mid-range passes against both man and zone looks.

My one concern he is the lack of so-called draft value. Patterson isn’t a finished product and needs grooming. He’s the type of player who falls into the 2nd round because there’s a chance he doesn’t grow into his potential.

This Mock has Patterson as the 2nd WR taken in the draft (Keenan Allen went to Miami at pick 14). I just don’t see him as the #2 WR at this point. Perhaps Rogers’s off-field problems knock him down, perhaps Woods’s ankle and Hunter’s knee keep them out of the 1st. It’s a possibility, but that’s a lot of “ifs” to make this a good value pick.

Overall though, I’m not going to complain. If the Seahawks get Patterson to play opposite Rice in 2013, the Seahawks offense will be much improved because of it.