Then and Now


I’m loving all the attention Russell Wilson is getting now. I love that he’s being mentioned in the same breath as Luck and RG3. I’m also aware that it wasn’t always so.

I went back in my archives and pulled this snippet from October 22nd:

Finally, I just want to note that I’m not on board with some of the shows on Sports radio in the Seattle area this week. I actually turned one off out of frustration yesterday which I rarely do. The shows are premised on the concept that while Wilson is doing better, we ought to start Flynn because:

  1. We haven’t really seen what he’s got
  2. Maybe we could run him in a Wildcat or package him like the jets do Tebow
  3. We have the 31st worst passing game in the NFL
  4. Wilson isn’t picking things up fast enough
  5. We should try him and see what we’ve got

All of which is ridiculous. We have seen what Flynn has and it’s good. But the coaches determined that Wilson won the starting job, that he’s our best talent. Let it go. We’d be idiots to bring Flynn in on a wildcat. That’s a specific skill set that he doesn’t have. Also, we’re not the Jets and what the Jets are doing with Tebow and Sanchez is idiotic. Yes, we do have the 31st worst passing offense, and a heck of a running game and an improving QB and a winning record. Let it go. Wilson is improving. You don’t pull him to see what the guy on the bench has. You’ve got someone that’s gotten the bulk of the 1st string snaps who’s getting a rhythm with his offense. You don’t disrupt that just for giggles. And if you did, how long do you leave Flynn in “just to see” And how does Wilson get better sitting on the bench?

Yes, if I’d been wrong, I’d have still pulled this snippet out for examination.

But this isn’t about me being right or wrong. This is about Russell Wilson working his butt off and deserving the notice that local and national media are finally giving him. I guess he knew it all along:

Nothing succeeds like success.
Alexandre Dumas

Go Hawks!