Seattle Seahawks Destroy Arizona Cardinals 58-0


Wow! What a huge win! I just don’t know what else to day there. Any shutout is a big deal in the NFL, but this is different. This is a dismantling without recent precedent. This is the type of game that costs people their jobs. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Arizona has an interim coach running things as early as tomorrow afternoon.

There is a ton to get into here, and I’m sure we’ll be talking about this all week. so lets get straight into the game notes:


  • It’s tough to focus in on any one performance because so many players only played 1 half. Almost no one had an impressive day statistically.
  • Lynch is probably the only one. 11 carries, 128 yards, and 3 TDs.
  • Turbin ended up have almost twice as many carries as Lynch (20), and also broke 100 yards.
  • Anthony McCoy led the Seahawks with 3 catches, but went for 105 yards.
  • 9 players caught a pass for the Seahawks. A testament to how empty the bench was at the end of the game.
  • Matt Flynn got to play; showed the quick release and quick decision making that made him popular in camp. Having him as a backup is a great resource for the Seahawks. He good enough to be starting for about half of the teams in the NFL. I’ll take that in a backup QB every day.
  • Russell Wilson’s rookie of the year candidacy probably took a hit in this game, and not because of anything he did. Wilson played well. The problem is that he didn’t play the 2nd half because the Seahawks were already winning in a blowout. He was on pace for about 280 yards and 2 TDs when he was pulled.


  • Tough to judge the individual play of Thurmond and Lane, who I expected to be under the microscope this week as we try and figure out what life without Browner, and possible Sherman, will be like at CB. Both played well, but its not like the Cardinals were capable of challenging them either.
  • 8 turnovers by the Cards. 6 on defense, 2 on special teams.
  • 3 sacks for the defense. In a game like this I’d have expected to see more. I’m still worried about the Seahawks pass rush for this stretch run and in the playoffs.
  • Richard Sherman has another great game. 2 picks and a fumble recovery. Fitzgerald was held to 1 catch for 2 yards. If he wins his appeal (not likely) I still think he’s having a defensive player of the year type of season.
  • Bobby Wagner has 2 interceptions as well, to go along with 8 more tackles. Defensive rookie of the year honors might be headed his way as well.

General Notes

  • It was great to see the Seahawks finally show the killer instinct and really step on the throat of an opponent. Very glad they didn’t sit on the early 10 point lead and try to make that hold.
  • Lets not get too ahead of ourselves and think that the Seahawks are now the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The Cardinals have quit. Lets see them dominate a team that is actually trying before we overreact too much.
  • 10 penalties. again.
  • The big win for the Seahawks didn’t improve their playoff chances all that much. The Seahawks got almost no help this week. Only Tampa Bay lost of all the teams that the Seahawks are competing with for a playoff spot.