Russell Wilson May Just Have Claimed the Lead for Rookie of the Year


Was Wilson ever really considered for the role of Qb1? Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

This was supposed to be a two man race for Rookie of the Year (ROY) honors.  It was going to be either #1 Draft Pick Andrew Luck of the Colts, or it would be Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III of the Redskins.  These two QB’s have been playing steadily all year, turning their teams around, transforming them from cellar dwellers to playoff teams, and catching nearly all the headlines of the major sports media.  But a funny thing happened on these two guy’s way to the ROY award.  Russell Wilson of the Seahawks has put up a ROY season of his own, having guided his team to 10 wins and the playoffs.  All the more amazing when you consider how Wilson started his pro career just months earlier.

Who is this Russell Wilson guy?  He was drafted 75th overall in the third round and started the season as a 3rd stringer behind the previous year’s starter and a new free agent with a big contract.  Wilson whose height will never crack 6’0″, so impressed his coaches in summer camp that they made it a 3-way competition for the QB job.  After he won the job, most “experts” in the sports media confidently predicted Wilson would “be a good backup, but is not starting QB material”.  He was dismissed as too short, but they overlooked Wilson’s primary asset as a player.  His brain.  He is a student of the game like no one other than maybe Peyton Manning.  His work ethic is second to none.  His leadership is contagious.  His confidence is off the charts.  His stats are right there with the other two guys.  What’s different is Russell Wilson is actually re-defining the position of NFL quarterback to fit HIS capabilities.

Sunday night everyone in the country finally got to see what the whispers were all about on this rookie QB Wilson way up in the United State’s version of western Siberia, Seattle Washington.  The first hint that something was happening in western Siberia came when the Seahawks beat the division leading Chicago Bears at home in week 13.  It’s safe to say no one saw that coming, including a lot of people in Seattle, since the team had just lost to the Dolphins the previous week.  The amazing thing about that win over the Bears was Wilson had to win it twice.  After seemingly securing the win with a long drive with under 30 seconds on the clock, Seattle’s defense allowed a long pass to get the Bears in field goal range.  They made the kick and the game went to OT.  This is when things changed for Seattle’s season.  Wilson put the team on his shoulders, and took the ball 80 yards on Chicago, throwing and running through their defense at will, and getting the winning score while Chicago’s offense sat helplessly and watched the birth of a green and blue monster.

The next week Wilson and Seattle spanked the Cardinals, who they lost to back in week one, 58 – zip.  That shocking score gained the solid interest of the national sports media.  The following week, Seattle put the stake through the heart of their “road curse” by dominating the Bills in Toronto in another 50 point blow out.  Now the media had all eyes and ears on Wilson and Seattle, and Russell Wilson has officially entered the ROY “discussion”.  Sensing something was happening in Seattle, the network changed the Seahawks/49ers game to the ‘Sunday Night Football’ showcase.

With the nation’s eyes on Seattle and their rookie QB, the Seahawks dismantled THE BEST DEFENSE in the league, while holding the 49ers potent offense to two field goals until late in garbage time where they finally managed to cross the goal line.  And this was the same 49er team that only a week before beat New England in their own stadium.

Tweets by sports writers after the game not only indicate Wilson is “in the discussion” for ROY, but may now actually be LEADING Luck and RGIII.  Russell Wilson may be late to the party, but he’s just kicked in the door and taken over the DJ’s booth.  And he’s playing his own tune, the one that says a 5’10” quarterback CAN play in the NFL.  He’s having to redefine how a quarterback plays to get back whatever advantage he loses by being 4 inches too short for an NFL quarterback.  But that’s all the more reason to give him the nod for Rookie of the Year.  How many other rookies have had to redefine their position in order to play at a high level?  The ROY award has been given to lots of “prototype” quarterbacks who came into the league and had a good year.  But maybe this year it’s about more than that.  Maybe it’s about a “pioneer” as commentator Trent Dilfer said on a post game show; a guy who will open doors and eyes and make it a little easier for undersized players to play quarterback in the NFL.