2013 Franchise Tag Values


Unlike what we’re experiencing up here in the NorthWest, the offseason has already begun for much of the NFL. While I’m not simply not able to shift into “offseason mode” yet, I also can’t pass over some of this information and not pass it along.

NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport reported today that the franchise tag numbers for 2013 have been tentatively set and they look to be slightly above what they were this season. Here are the numbers for each position (in millions):

CB: $10.668
DE: $10.984
DT: $8.306
K/P: $2.926
LB: $9.455
OL: $9.660
QB: $14.642
RB: $8.079
S: $6.798
TE: $5.962
WR: $10.357

The Seahawks probably do not have a candidate for for the franchise tag. The only 2 notable free agents to be  are DTs Alan Branch and Jason Jones. Neither appear to be ones that will be tough to re-sign, and neither are worthy of that high of a cap number.

The Seahawks were able to avoid the most likely franchise tag scenario this year when center Max Unger signed an extension before this season. Had Unger not signed, he would have been a good candidate for getting the franchise tag.

The fact that the franchise tag values are increasing for next season in an interesting problem for many NFL teams. IT means that the salaries for for the league’s top players continues to increase, even though the salary cap is expected to remain constant.