Seahawks Eek Out Win Over Rams, 20-13


It’s a good thing that the NFL isn’t decided on style points. The Seahawks did not play well, and were very sloppy in this game. But in the end a win in a win, and that is all that matters.

I think this result will be good for the Seahawks going forward. This game was hopefully a good reality check for the Seahawks. They must be more focussed than they were this week if they’re going to win road playoff games.

Game Notes


  • Wilson was 12 of 15 for 250 yards and a TD. 136.3 rating
  • Lynch finished with 18 carries for 100 yards.
  • Sydney Rice did not catch a pass in this game, and was targeted only once.
  • The offensive line had it’s worst game since week 1. Sweezy and Giacomini were abused repeatedly in this game. They must get that figured out before next week.
  • Wilson was sacked 6 times. While the O-line play was poor, part of the problem was Wilson simply “expecting” to be able to avoid it. He had options to throw the ball quickly and didn’t take it. The rookie still has things left to learn.


  • Bobby Wagner with 10 more tackles, finishes with 130 on the year. Definitely a defensive rookie of the year candidate.
  • Richard Sherman with another pick to ice the game. Had 7 this season.
  • Steven Jackson finished with just 52 yards. He’s never broken 100 against Seattle.
  • zero sacks, and very little pressure on Bradford. This remains the Seahawks biggest weakness that must be addressed in the offseason.


  • Very sloppy game by the Seahawks. 2 fumbles (neither lost), penalties, dropped passes. They clearly weren’t focussed, especially int he first half.
  • 10 penalties. Just when I though this team had finally gotten over the penalty problem, it shows up again.