12th Man To Welcome Seahawks Near Airport


I hope enough people see this before it’s too late. A group of people, lead on twitter by “Big Lo” (real name will be edited in there if he gets back to me and wants it included), are setting up a rally for the Seahawks when they return from Atlanta later tonight.

The plan is to line up not too far from the airport in Seatac at corner of 188th and Air Cargo Rd., next to the Shell station.

The team’s plane is set to land around 8:35 pm tonight, but with getting to the gate, getting off the plane, etc. They aren’t likely to be on the team bus until about 9:00, so that is when everyone needs to be there.

Be early so you can find parking and get set up. Traffic near the airport can be unpredictable. Park at the Jack in the Box or the La Quinta is possible, but you might have to park further way and walk if the turnout is as good as i’m hoping.

Dress warm, wear your Seahawk gear, and feel free to make and bring signs. If someone is willing to bring extra supplies for signs for other fans that would be greatly appreciated.