Seattle Seahawk’s Comeback vs Falcons Falls Short 28-30


And so the 2012 Seattle Seahawk’s season ends. This was heartbreaking. To come back from down 20 to take the lead with 34 seconds left just to lose anyways was painful. It was an amazing comeback and a great game, but that is a very tough way to lose a game, especially a playoff game.

There’s a lot to criticize in this game, for the Seahawks, but I’ll try and keep that to a minimum for now. The only one’s who deserve to get criticized are the coaches. This loss falls on them. The is was probably the worst coached game the Seahawks have had since Jim Mora, maybe since Dennis Erikson.

Not much to say in this state of mind. I’ll keep my game notes brief.


  • Wilson was 24 of 36 for 385 yards, 2 TD. Added 60 yards on the ground and a rushing TD as well. The Rookie came to play today.
  • Lynch did not have his best game. The fumble didn’t help things, and 16 carries for only 46 yards were a big reason Seattle had 0 first half points.
  • Zach Miller was huge in this game. 8 catches for 142 yards. His $11 mil cap number for next season is still hanging out there. Big decision coming this offseason for him and the Seahawks.


  • What a poor effort by the Seahawks defense. The first half was embarrassing. Really, the first 3 quarters were embarrassing.
  • Chris Clemons was definitely missed. No doubt about it.
  • Bruce Irvin was a complete non-factor. He needs to get bigger in the offseason, or the Seahawks need to find someone else to play the Leo until Clemons comes off the PUP midseason. Irvin doesn’t look like the answer.
  • The Seahawks need at least 2 new D-linemen this offseason. I’d say 3 is more likely with the Clemons injury situation.

Overall Observations

  • For the 2nd week in a row, the Seahawks were unprepared to play. That falls on the coaches.
  • If I ever see the Seahawks try and “ice the kicker” again I’m going to have to buy a new laptop. That is the single dumbest thing in football. NEVER give any kicker a practice kick.
  • The defensive game plan was horrible. Blitzing vs the run. no pressure on Ryan. No answer to covering Tony Gonzalez. The coaches failed to do their jobs this past week.