Seahawks Potential Salary Cap Casualties


Before I get into this I want to point out that these topics aren’t easy or fun to write about. Football might be a business, and yes, many players make more than most of us make in a decade. That’s all true, but a list like this is still a list of people who might get fired. It doesn’t matter that “these things happen” or “its just part of the profession.”

It matters to the players. Chris Clemons wrote me and thanked me for he support when I wrote an article back in June saying the Seahawks needed to get his extension done ASAP. These guys aren’t robots. Please keep that in mind.

I should also note that the Seahawks will have just over $18 mil of free salary cap space for the 2013 year (that’s estimated, since the official cap hasn’t been set yet). That number is if the Seahawks decide to keep everyone listed here, so there’s no reason the Seahawks have release any of these players. I’m just listing players who’s cap numbers make it a possibility.

Trade highly likely

Matt Flynn – $3.25 Mil in cap savings

Predictions on Flynn are all over the board. He’s on the block to be traded, and if a suitable offer comes along the Seahawks will take it. The problem is that cutting or trading Flynn means that he will count $4 mil against Seattle’s cap even though he’ll be with another team. I just don’t see the Seahawks cutting him when finding a similar quality replacement will cost more than the $3.25 mil they’ll save against the cap.

Higher probability

Ben Obomanu – $2.3 mil in cap savings –

Obomanu is entering the final year of his contract, and the Seahawks will be looking to revamp a good deal of the WR group. Obomanu has always been a great special teams performer. That and the fact that he can back up all 3 WR positions makes him more valuable to the team than most fans realize, but that’s still a lot of cap space to be used on a guy who’ll likely be the team’s 5th WR.

Zach Miller – $8 mil cap savings

Miller’s name on here wont be popular. Miller is a very good player and key player for this team moving forward. The problem is that he has an $11 mil cap number in 2013. I just have a tough time seeing him play under that contract. I don’t think the Seahawks would want to cut him, but if he refused to rework his deal they might not have any choice in the matter.

Lower Probability

Breno Giacomini – $3 mil in cap savings

Giacomini was a disappointment in his first year as a starter. He’s now due for a big pay raise in the 2nd year of his “prove it” deal he signed this past offseason. There are very few options at OT on the roster, but it’s possible the Seahawks could look to use his cap number to bring in someone else.

Red Bryant – $3.5 mil in cap savings

Bryant was a high priority re-sign a year ago after being dominant in 2010 and 2011 since his move to the 5-tech DE. 2012 though was a disappointment as Bryant battled a foot injury and then never seemed to find his grove after he got healthy. The Seahawks have a ton of cash investing into the D-line, and they may look to trim some of that back. It’s also possible that Pete Carroll will shift his scheme away from the run stuffers and look to find players who off more help against the pass. Unlikely, but possible