Notes From The Shrine Game Allstar Week


College All-star games are particularly popular among all but the most hard-core fans. This is especially true for the “lesser” games like the East-West Shrine Game that happens today. For the most part, all but the Senior Bowl are completely unwatchable.

But that doesn’t change the fact that these games are an important part of the draft process. Well, not so much the game themselves, but the practices leading up to the game. The game itself is fairly pointless for the draft.

Over the week, NFL teams get to see how a player does against above average competition, and more importantly, they get to see how they do learning pro-style offense. It’s an important part of the process because it removes players from the college system they were in so scouts can more easily determine if the player will be able to transition out of that system.

Now, I don’t have anyone there all week, and the coverage is painful to sit and watch on TV all day. Instead, I get my information on the game 2nd hand through other media outlets. It works for me, but it doesn’t provide any information to our loyal readers.

With that in mind I’ve decided to pass along a bunch of links from They aren’t affiliated with Fansided, but I’ve found them to have good, reliable recaps all star weeks like this one.

Here are some final practice notes, rankings and interview from our writer down at the practices/East-West Shrine Game before today’s game on NFL Network.

Enjoy watching! And please feel free to share any or all of these links with your readers as a guide to the game:

Offense position by position 

defense position by position 

TE Jefferson finishes strong 

Ray Graham Interview

Thursday Walk-thru Recap

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