Poll: Ranking The Seahawk’s Offseason Needs


For the first time in years, the Seahawks don’t have a long list of positions that must be addressed in the offseason. Taking a quick look at the list of free agent agents, and you’ll see that the Seahawks likely wont have more than 3 new starters in 2013, and thats combined offense and defense.

Yet while the Seahawks are a very good team, the roster is still flawed. They lack depth in key areas and playmakers in others. The defense also has a large number of 1-dimensional players (only good against the run or pass, but not both) which means they could use replacements that are capable of being every down players.

Before I tell you how I’d rank the team’s needs, I want to give you, our loyal readers, a chance to tell me what you think are the team’s biggest needs this offseason.

So please pick the 3 that you think are the biggest needs for the Seahawks. Why 3? because almost everyone should agree on the top need, after that, those that are lesser needs will be less likely to get votes. Trust me, it works. Just play along.

As I said above, the needs aren’t many. Most of the positions listed above are missing backups, not starters. That’s a nice problem to have.