2013 Super Bowl Commercials Now Available


The Super Bowl Commercials are often a bigger deal than the game. It’s a sad truth, but for every sports fan watching the big game, there are at least 2 non-sports fans that are tuned into the game just to watch the commercials.

Super Bowls ads are big business. The cost to run a 30 second commercial will cost companies just over $3.7 million this year on average. The most expensive is time slot is supposed to have gone for almost $4.5 million.

About half of the ads are now “leaked” out ahead of time, and still others have “teasers” that are released. This is a big change from years past, where Super Bowl ads were kept as secret as an NFL team’s draft strategies.

Why the change? Simple, because they get free advertising for doing so. An ad posted on YouTube a few days before the Super Bowl will get millions of views for free. Even the “teasers” get a tremendous amount of traffic. It seems weird, but people flock to YouTube to get a preview of something they will eventually be annoyed at when it interrupts their favorite show. That is simply the nature of the Super Bowl ads.

Here are all the full length ads and teasers that have been released so far. There are 31 of them to my knowledge:

So, which one was your favorite?

update: I thought I was embedding a playlist with all 31 ads, but instead only 1 commercial showed up. I can’t seem to get it to work as I wanted either. YouTube is clearly not my strong suit. You can find all of them by clicking HERE. it’ll take you to a YouTube page with all of the Super Bowl Ads.