Super Bowl 2013: Random Post-Game Thoughts


I gotta say, I’m not sure I’ve ever been so happy over the result of a football game the Seahawks didn’t play in. There was no way I wanted the 49ers to win another Lombardi Trophy.

Here are my random thoughts from the game:

  • The game was much closer than I wanted. I was quite happy when it was 28-6. The 49ers comeback was not good for my stress level.
  • Joe Flacco was a deserving MVP. He played a great game. He showed elusiveness that I didn’t expect to see along with his very strong arm.
  • Jacoby Jones had to be a very close 2nd. If he had made a couple plays in the 4th quarter, I bet he would have won.
  • Both of these team demonstrated the importance of having a great offensive line.
  • Frank Gore went for 110 yards and the 49ers still lost.
  • Ray Lewis made the right choice in retiring. He wasn’t a factor.
  • Speaking of non-factors, Aldon Smith had 2 tackles and no sacks.
  • Jim Harbaugh is simply not respectable. He’s a great coach. That’s an indisputable fact. But that doesn’t mean anything. Watching him throw tantrums on the sideline, tantrums that are worse than the ones my two-year old throw, is just embarrassing. I’m sorry, but I just can’t respect an adult who acts like that, no matter how talented.
  • The 34 minute power outage is an embarrassment as well. The entire world is watching. This is the NFL’s biggest showcase. A 34 minute power outage is ultimately bad for business.
  • I don’t by that the power outage was the reason for the 49er comeback. I simply don’t. That is a good football team, they weren’t going to stay down that long. Eventually they were going to make some plays. That it happened a few minutes after the break is simply a coincidence.
  • The Seahawks will be hoisting the trophy a year from now. Mark my words. They are ready.