2013 Mock Draft Underway, With 12thMR As GM Of The Seattle Seahawks


Even John Schneider looks concerned for the Seahawks with me in charge.  Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Being a decision maker with the Seahawks is one of my dreams (though I admit that it’s probably a complete nightmare for many you who are reading this). Well, this week I get to try my hand unleashing my inner John Schneider and run the Seahawk’s 2013 draft for the 2nd full Mock Draft for Mockone.net

32 draft experts are each taking control of a team and working through a complete 7 round Mock Draft, complete with time limits, trades and vastly differing viewpoints. Sure it’s fake, but it has all the elements needed to test the draft skills of the people participating.

Also participating in this mock are Chris Burke from Sports Illustrated (Lions), Benjamin Allbright from NFLDraftMonsters (Chiefs) and Alessandro Miglio from Bleacher Report (Dolphins), among others.

Things unfold a little more slowly in this draft than in the real thing in April. The participants have lives, so teams are given 3 hours to make their picks in the first round. Most never come close to taking that long though. Trades can only be made during the first half of that time, so rarely do picks take longer than an hour and half. We were on the third pick by the 30 minute mark, before the Raiders took forever, but I expect things to pick back now that they are done.

If you’re on twitter, check out the #MockTwo hashtag for tons of commentary and to see what’s going down. There’s even parody Mel Kiper and Todd McShay on there breaking things down. It’s definitely good for laughs if nothing else.

I’ll update this post over the next couple days as the draft unfolds. I’ll put the full 1st round here, then after that only put the players I draft for the Seahawks.

  1. QB Geno Smith – Chiefs
  2. DE Ziggy Ansah – Jaguars
  3. DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo – Raiders
  4. OT Lane Johnson – Eagles
  5. OT Luke Joeckel – Lions
  6. DE/OLB Dio Jordan – Browns
  7. OT Eric Fisher – Chargers
  8. QB Matt Barkley – Bills