NFL Draft 2013: Final QB Rankings


Oct 6, 2012; Austin, TX, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback Geno Smith (12) throws a pass during warmups before the game against the Texas Longhorns at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I had hoped to unveil my full draft Big Board this week after the NFL Combine was over, but I’m not going to get there. I’m definitely behind on my fim study this year (a deep run in the post-season by the Seahawks does that to me), so I’m not ready to rank all of the draftable players just yet.

There are a couple positions I’ve been done with for some time now, so I thought I’d share those ranking while I finish putting the rest of them together. Let’s kick this off with the QBs. Lets look at the rankings first, then I’ll get to my comments.

You’ll notice the “rank” column below is blank. That’s be the overall rank once my entire board is complete.

RankPlayerPosP RankSchoolHeightWeightGeno SmithQB1West Virginia6-2218Tyler WilsonQB2Arkansas6-2215Ryan NassibQB3Syracuse6-2227Zac DysertQB4Miami (Ohio)6-3231Mike GlennonQB5North Carolina St.6-7225*Tyler BrayQB5Tennessee6-6232EJ ManuelQB6Florida State6-5237Matt BarkleyQB7Southern Cal6-2227Landry JonesQB8Oklahoma6-4225Matt ScottQB9Arizona6-2213Brad SorensenQB10Southern Utah6-4229Jordan RodgersQB11Vanderbilt6-1212Jeff TuelQB12Washington State6-3221Ryan AplinQB13Arkansas State6-1199Ryan GriffinQB14Tulane6-4216Collin KleinQB15Kansas State6-5226Colby CameronQB16Louisiana Tech6-2212

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that Matt Barkley isn’t anywhere near the top of this list. That is no mistake. Physically, he simply doesn’t have the tools to play at this level. His arm strength is quite poor. If he doesn’t have a clean pocket to stride into his throws he cannot put enough “oomph” into his throws to keep them from getting picked off. Ultimately, he’s destined to be a career backup in my eyes.

Geno Smith is the obvious #1. He’s clearly the best QB in this draft, even if he isn’t an Andrew Luck #1 overall pick type player.

I’m also higher on Tyler Wilson than most draft pundits are. His got all the arm talent you’d ever need. The concern with him is tendency to be a little too Brett Farve and force the ball into tiny windows too often. He’ll take some coaching to keep in line, but the talent is clearly there.

I’ve already been through who the Seahawks will be interested in. Matt Scott is obvious choice if he’s still there in round 6. EJ Manual is clearly the best player of those that’ll interest the Seahawks, but he’s likely to be gone in rounds 2 or 3, which is too early for the Seahawks who only need a backup.

If Scott is gone in round 6, like fo the Seahawks to use one of the later of their 5 7th round picks to on Ryan Aplin rather than waiting and hoping he’s still available after the draft.