Join 12th Man Rising For The NCAA Bracket Challenge


This is a football site, and here you’ll find football content. Mostly. But seriously, it’s March Madness time! And we’re all sports fans, right?

Just for fun, I started a group within the SI bracket challenge. Join myself, Hanley and Nick from 12thMR in a friendly competition (My wife has even joined!) There’s no prizes (other than the ones provide by sports illustrated), just bragging rights.

Think you’re the best 12th Man at picking college basketball games? Prove it.

Just want to see how bad my bracket does because you want to good laugh? That works too.

To join, click on the graphic below and register at Then pick “groups,” and search for “12th Man Rising.” We’re hard to miss.

Group Name: 12th Man Rising

Password: Seahawks

The group is open to any of our readers who wants to join. All I ask is that you keep any trash talk on the “friendly and playful” side of things. If it starts to get mean spirited, I’ll be unhappy. And you don’t want to see me unhappy. (Seriously, it’s not a pretty picture. I end up looking like an 80’s B movie villain)

Lets face it, March Madness is too much fun to just sit this out.