NFL Free Agency Rumor: Seahawks Closing In With DT Tony McDaniel


Oct 23, 2011; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins players Sean Smith (24) and Tony McDaniel (78) try to recover a fumble during the second quarter against the Denver Broncos at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Lou Novick-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks have brought in former Miami Dolphin DT Tony McDaniel for a visit. He hasn’t signed yet, but just the fact that he’s in town is significant.

McDaniel is 6-7, and 307 lbs making him a physically intimidating guy. Unfortunately, his on-field play doesn’t make his size. Only once in his 5 year career has McDaniel posted a positive overall performance over the course of a season, and that was 2 years ago in 2010. In that year, be played mostly DE, not DT.

While I’ve seen plenty of people connecting the dots to Alan Branch’s still unfilled starting 3-tech DT position. While I can see that happening, I’m unconvinced that this is the most likely scenario.

McDaniel isn’t a true run stopper or block eater. He simply doesn’t fit the profile of what the Seahawks need in a replacement for Branch. He’s also not an upgrade from Branch in overall talent, and Branch is still available.

Obviously I could be wrong here, (wouldn’t be the first time) but to me McDaniel is more likely a replacement for Clinton McDonald’s roster spot as a rotatonal DT that’ll be used to stop Brandon Mebane from wearing down. I just don’t see him as a potential starter at the 3-tech spot.

It is also possible that this visit is also going to be used to try and get Brach to lower his price and re-sign. I still believe that Branch coming back with Seattle is the most likely scenario for him. I expect it will happen fairly soon too.

Edit: All the info was there, but I missed the obvious connection here. McDaniel does offer something the Seahawks definitely need: a backup for (or potential low cost replacement for if he excels in camp/preseason) 5-tech DE Red Bryant. Credit goes to Shane Mott (@12thmanforever on twitter) for pointing that out to me.