Seahawks Expected To Sign Brady Quinn Today


It seems the Seahawks have made a decision following yesterday’s four quarterback tryout. USA Today’s Mike Garafolo is reporting that Brady Quinn will be signed to backup Russell Wilson.

I have to say that this isn’t what I expected to happen. Tyler Thigpen seemed to have the inside track on the spot because of his ability to run the read-option portion of Seattle’s offense. Apparently his ability to pass wasn’t up to the Seahawks’ standards.

Quinn’s signing certainly won’t get Seahawks fans excited. Quinn has been a major disappointment for both the Browns and the Chiefs. He’s now with his 4th team in 5+ years, which says more about his abilities than anything else.

This signing certainly doesn’t rule out the Seahawks from drafting a QB. In fact, I’d say that it makes it more likely. If Quinn was the best QB available, then I expect the team will have to look to the draft to find a suitable backup.

Perhaps more interesting is that after the tryout, the Seahawks decided to sign the receiver that the quarterbacks were throwing to. I think the conversation went something like this:

Schneider: Wow, these QBs aren’t very accurate.

Carroll: No kidding. Who’s that wide receiver who’s catching all those horribly thrown passes?

Schneider: That’s Brett Swain. He’s been out of the league for over a year. He was in Green Bay when I was there.

Carroll: We should sign him. Anyone who can catch all those bad passes deserves a chance in camp.

Schneider: (Pulls out cell phone and calls Swain’s agent.) Yep. Told you it would work. Pete’s on board. I’ll email you the contract to look over.