Percy Harvin To Have Hip Surgery


There’s still no official word from anyone with the team, but Percy Harvin took to twitter minutes ago to announce that he’s going to have surgery to repair the torn labrum in his hip.

There is still no official timetable on his return.

According to a couple of online resources about the nature of this type of injury, the recover is typically around 10-12 weeks. That timetable would put Harvin on the PUP list and have him return to game action around week 10 after a couple weeks of getting back into football shape once he is allowed to return to practice.

Of course, that assume fairly standard amount of damage and difficulty of the repair, and a normal recovery period. This type of thing could vary from anywhere from 8 weeks to as long as 6 months before he’s ready to play. We likely wont have a better idea of the timetable until after the procedure is completed.

Luckily, the Seahawks have considerable depth at WR this year. Harvin will be missed while he’s gone, but this doesn’t sink the Seahawks by any means. Keep in mind that the new PUP rules allow for a player to return as late as week 15. It is certainly possible that the Seahawks will have Harvin on the field before the end of the season.

I’ll post more if any additional details come in.

Update: Percy Will have the surgery on Thursday. Recovery is expected to be “3-4 months” which is a little longer than I suggested above. We can expect him to be placed on the PUP list, and be back after the bye week.