The View from Section 333 – The Power of 12


At the end of last season, as our Seahawks lost so unexpectedly to Atlanta, many 12th men experienced both a devastating sense of loss and a profound depth of gratitude for such an amazing season. Watching our Hawks come to life under Pete, John and Russell was so powerful, that for many, the loss in Atlanta left us struggling to process for weeks. As I began my own emotional recovery, I knew a few things for sure:

  • The Hawks wouldn’t pick up where they left off, they would have a championship off-season.
  • The rivalry between Seattle and San Francisco would be even stronger this year after that December smack-down the Seahawks gave the 9ers.
  • John and Pete would orchestrate an unpredictable draft that would create depth and resolve the pass rush.
  • The 12th Man (and woman) would become even more formidable as we pursued another 8-0 home field record.

What I did not foresee, was a world record attempt for a crowd cheer in a sports stadium. Yet, as I considered it, my first response was “who better?!”

The world record attempt originated in the hearts of former Seattle Seahawks Joe Tafoya DE, and Kerry Carter, RB – co-founders of sports media agency, JumpIt Media. JumpIt Media not only produces events such as Richard Sherman’s charity softball game, they also look for opportunities to involve the fans with the teams they love. As former players, they are well aware of the connection between fans and athletes and the energy it produces on game day. Why not, they thought? Why not harness the power of the 12th Man to win a world record for their cheer? What better way for our fans to get the recognition they deserve as the world’s best fans?

Whether you call it the power of 12… or as Joe and Kerry prefer, Volume12… the movement should give Seahawks fans the title they’ve earned!

Already, the impact can be seen, as the resale value for tickets to the world record attempt -September 15th opener against San Francisco- continue to rise.

Will we break the record? I desperately hope we will, even though it will have zero impact on the Seahawks win/loss record. This world record attempt gives the Seahawks fans, the 12th Man, the opportunity to compete against other team’s fans… to take the field, so to speak, on behalf of the Hawks using our own innate skill – Volume12

You can learn more about Volume 12 by visiting their Facebook page or their website.