Hey 12thMen, and 12 Women! I'm ..."/>

Hey 12thMen, and 12 Women! I'm ..."/>

Hey 12thMen, and 12 Women! I'm ..."/>

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Hey 12thMen, and 12 Women!

I’m back!  Let’s Tawk Hawk real quick.  I have to get out to the Golf Course so this is going to be fast.

So what do you think of Jermaine Kearse?  He looks like he has the guts and skills to be a player in the upcoming season eh?  I am excited to see how this all unfolds.  Kearse as a back up to Rice, Tater, and Dougie Fresh….oh and don’t forget Mr. Williams…he has skills to pay the bills as well.  Most folks probably don’t see it this way, but the Hawks are deep at Receiver, shoot they are trying to figure out how to cut someone, not which one they should keep.  I really like Kearse, have since his days as a Husky (GO DAWGS!) and really hope his recent emergence steamrolls into success as a Hawk.  Our imported preseason star Mr. Williams has been making noise too.  He has shown that he can get behind defensive backs and that he has sticky fingers when it matters.  Why didn’t he catch on in Arizona you say?  Larry, that’s why.

They are also deep at corner, and I will be paying close attention to everything the backups do after the starters are off the field.  We can’t keep them all, so I need to find who I like.

We should get a good hard look at the starters (those who are healthy) tonight.  We all know what we want to see, so today I’ll Tawk about what I don’t want to witness.

The most glaring issue is that the offensive line cannot continue to stall drives and draw stupid penalties.  Off sides, holding, personal fouls, they all have to go.  It is absolutely infuriating watching Giacomini commit stupid penalty after stupid penalty. It isn’t like his super great at doing his job, I wonder if his seat is getting hot yet? They need to figure out how to play disciplined and focused and keep Russell from having to work so (sic) Dange hard.   It is hard as a passionate fan to watch the offensive line of your favorite team muddle in mediocrity year after year, they need to get this fixed.  Russell Wilson deserves a great supporting cast, and no quarterback is a “Great Quarterback” without a “Great Offensive Line.”

I don’t want to see Seattle’s corners and safeties let Rogers and his Packers march down the field only to turn the ball over at the goal line, and then have to run it all the way back to the other side of the field.  As exciting as it was, they need to cut all the drama and just take the ball away right off the get go.  They can save themselves a lot of work by only having to return fumbles and interceptions 40 or 50 yards instead of 106 yards.  “Work smarter, not harder,” I say.  No need to play with my emotions for the sake of ratings and such.

I do not, I repeat, DO NOT want to see Brady Quinn do anything.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  Once Russell is done playing with his food, give the plate to T-Jack and let him finish the meal.  There is absolutely no reason at this point to even keep Quinn on the roster.  Let him go, be free Quinn, run Quinn run.

I do not want to see or hear Joe Buck or Skip Bayless.  Seriously, I have lost enough hair all on my own without listening to these two dudes destroy the credibility of humanity.  I hope aliens don’t listen to their broadcasts, they really won’t be very impressed with our advances in evolution if they do.

I do not want the CO2 tank to run out on my “beverage dispenser,” during the game.  That, my friends, would a serious bummer.   My buddy Ted  says He does not want to see that either.

I have been testing Mike’s “beverage dispenser.” I have been testing it a lot!” GO Hawks!!

I do not want to check back here in a couple of days and see that only four people including myself have made comments.  If you have something to say, please do.  Everyone needs attention some times.  Let me know what you think.

I do not want to see any more serious injuries to either team, so here is to a healthy, hard-hitting, exciting game of football, with NO injuries.

I do not want to say good-bye, so until next week…so long.

12thman now, 12thman forever.  GO HAWKS!