Hawk Tawk, Seattle Seahawks Epic In Week Two!


Cliff Avril showing his love for Kaepernick.


Cliff Avril shows Kaepernick some love.  http://www.facebook.com/anthonymayphotography

Happy Blue Friday from Hawk Tawk!

What a week we have had fellow 12ers…what a week.  Not only did the 12thman rise to the challenge of creating the most fan noise ever recorded or measured in a sporting event for the Guinness Book of World Records, the Seattle Seahawks dismantled the San Francisco 49ers.  My social media has been flooded with memorabilia for sale, my friends who are 49er fans have been absolutely silent, and the 12thman is left wondering just how good the Seattle Seahawks really can be once they get the offense in sync.  Not to mention getting the rest of the defense and a particularly important left tackle healthy.  It puts shivers down my spine.

My wife, Sherry, and I also found out that our good friends and fellow 12thman and 12thwoman the Ziesmers are going to be having a little Hawkette.  Not only that but she is due (to come out screaming and a hollering in true 12thman fashion) during Super Bowl week.  It is an Omen my friends.

Today, let’s Tawk about the Seattle Seahawk defense and how scary they just might be.  Let’s Tawk Hawk about the offensive line, again. Yes, I am getting tired of saying the same thing over and over.  Sooner or later they will listen.  Let’s Tawk about an improved pass rush and equally improving quarterback pressure schemes.  Let’s Tawk about Russell Wilson and his performance.  Let’s Tawk about the running game, finally!   Let’s Tawk about Pete Carroll obviously reading Hawk Tawk during the weather delay and implementing some of the things we Tawked about last week.  It’s true, because I wrote about it on the internet.  Lastly, let us Tawk about the next set of Pooty Tats on the schedule.  Ready, set, Tawk.

The Seattle defensive unit is looking scary good.  They have successfully shut down two of the most mobile quarterbacks in the NFL.  I’ll leave the stats to speak for themselves, but when you look at the numbers they are almost mind boggling.  Seattle also shut down Frank Gore, with help from the San Francisco offensive coordinator.  Not that this is a surprise, but Gore is still one of the most prolific and punishing backs in the league, and the Seahawks shut him down completely during the nine times the 49ers called his number.  The Seahawk defense recorded three sacks, multiple quarterback hurries, and several hits to Kaepernick and the result was a predictable one, was it not?  I am happy with the defensive performance this week, very happy.  You are happy too, not because I said so, but because they are awesome.  Any team that can do that to the 49ers has skills to pay the bills.  The Seahawks defense put the rest of the NFL on notice this week.  Now they have to maintain that level of excellence.

"” They are better than Revis because they are surrounded by excellence, and when you are surrounded by excellence you are winning.  The Seattle Seahawks are winners, therefore they are winning.  “Eat that Revis.”"

Richard Sherman calls the safety.


Richard Sherman calls the Safety.  http://www.facebook.com/anthonymayphotography

The offensive line is still pretty suspect, and even more so now that Okung’s biggest little piggy said, “Ouch Ouch Ouch,” all the way home.  It appears that McQuistan will move to left tackle and Carpenter will move to guard. They are both decent, but there is going to be a noticeable difference in left side protection, and not a good one.  The penalties being incurred by the offensive line are just getting tiresome.  I am not sure how long it will take before someone is made an example of, but giving up four sacks and committing stupid penalties along the way are not going to earn anybody a pat on the back.  If they are going to hold, there should not be anyone chasing the quarterback.  Good grief Tom Cable, stick your foot in their proverbial fourth point of contact and clean it up.  I admit that part of pressure Wilson has been exposed to has been the Seahawk receiver’s failure to create separation after initial contact.  The receivers are going to have to figure out how to create a hole for Russ to throw at, and do so quickly.  Another part of this is game planning.  Seattle appeared to be attempting an “establish a running game by passing” approach against the Panthers in Week 1.  The first few series against the 49ers looked like it was going to be more of the same until the weather delay offered the team a chance to regroup and get back to the nuts and bolts of their offense.  Once Seattle began pounding the rock, all those other opportunities opened up.  It felt good to see Lynch successfully move the ball on the ground, and even better to see the results of the running game.  The offensive line looks good in run protection, but still has a lot of work to do while trying to protect Big Russ and give him enough time to get rid of the ball without making a rushed throw.  It is going to be Okung’s injury that forces the overactive brain of Carroll to settle for a productive run game and short quick manageable throws for Wilson.  But if Pete can be patient, those things will result in Kearse, Williams, Baldwin, Tater, or Rice eventually getting behind the opposing defensive backs and scoring big on one of Russell’s home run throws.

Did you see the swarm of sacks on Kaepernick?  Wasn’t it pretty seeing the opposing quarterback being brought down behind the line of scrimmage?  Wasn’t it refreshing seeing Kaepernick dancing around trying to avoid the pass rush in the second half, then making errant throws as a result?  How hyped were you every time the Seattle pass rush hit Kaepernick just as he got rid of the ball?  That was the highlight of the game for me, and needs to be the focus for Seattle for the rest of this season.  If they can maintain pressure throughout every game, they will compile huge takeaway, three and out, and tackle for loss numbers.  With a defensive backfield as talented as Seattle’s, the pass rush and stopping the run were the only kinks in what could become a perennially  fearsome unit.  I believe our pass rush is getting better quickly.  If Seattle can get back to their run stuffing form from early last season, they will be a “Seawall” if you will, the foundation upon which dynasties are built.  The addition of Avril and Bennett really did not come with any doubt that they would make a big impact on the team, but did we know they would resurrect the defensive line while two of our primary pass rushers were off the field?  What is going to happen in Week 5 when Irvin comes back?  What is going to happen when Clemons, Avril, Bennett, and Irvin are all available to go?  There are exciting times in store for Seattle’s already scary defense fellow 12ers, and I can’t wait.

Earl Thomas gives Vance McDonald some Hawk Love. http://www.facebook.com/anthonymayphotography

Russell Wilson looks like he is starting to find his groove, and I am adamant that it is because of the running game.  Nothing builds confidence like a productive running game.  Once Seattle establishes the run, the screens, slants, deep slants and go routes will all open up.  My call is that Seattle is going to be looking for a lot of three step drops and quick throws in order to combat the lack of pass protection being offered thus far.  With Okung out, they will have to run the ball, look for the quick outs, and maintain a fast paced game in order to tire out opposing defensive lines.  Seattle is made for that, and it is just a matter of time before Coach Carroll reads Hawk Tawk and concurs.  It was apparent that Wilson never got much of a chance to settle in during Week 1 as he was running for his life pretty much the whole game, and still tossed for 300+ yards.  Against the 49ers, he saw much of the same with less success, until the run game came to life.  Defenses across the league took advantage of the offensive line all year last year, and there is no reason not to expect the same thing this year.  Every team is going to attempt to slow Seattle down with creative stunt and blitz packages, just like last year.  It is going to be up to Russell Wilson to recognize the defensive sets, read the coverage, and take advantage with his arm and his brain.  There is no doubt in my mind that Russell will settle in as the offensive game plan comes around to suit the defensive opponent’s schemes.  The receivers need to be doing more to create openings for him, and also need to be catching those needle threading lasers, as well as the high angle deep balls that Russ tosses over the coverage into the end zone.  Fact:  If it touches your fingers, and you don’t catch it, you were NOT trying hard enough.

When it comes to the running game, Seattle runs the football.  Nuts and Bolts.  Lynch, Turbin, Michael, Coleman, Ware, who cares….just run the ball.  When Seattle runs the ball, Seattle wins.  But, of course I prefer Skittles and Turbo.

Last week, Hawk Tawk was pretty rough on the offensive line.  They deserved it, and are getting another dose this week.  I also spoke pretty pointedly about the play calling.  I was severely disappointed in Seattle’s lack of dedication to running the ball.  I pointed out, again, that the lack of pass rush and pressure was hampering the defense.  Well, in the first quarter against the 49ers, Mother Nature came calling.  It is obvious that Pete was so frustrated with their lack of production that he was grasping for straws.  Little did any of us know that Pete would log on to his iPad and go to the top page in his favorites list, “12thmanrising.com.”  The way I see it, Pete had recalled reading something that made sense on Blue Friday.

"“What was that darn article called again? Hey Jon, remember that article I told you about? What was it  called? Hot Hawks? No that’s not it….Hawk Tawk, ya, ya that’s the one!”"

There is no other explanation, and if there is, I like mine better.  The Seahawks are doing the things they need to do, that is the point.  I am a qualified fan, I am not, nor will I ever be, a statistician or scientist.  I don’t care about footballering algherythmns or sabercatmetrics.  I call it like I see it, and it is what it is.  The offensive line sucks in pass protection.  The team as a whole is somewhat (too slowly getting better) undisciplined when it comes to avoiding stupid penalties.  It pisses me off when they don’t run the ball.  Russell Wilson has been aggravatingly inaccurate at times, but has also displayed that he is scary mobile and incredibly patient.  Russell Wilson is the most confident and calm young quarterback the NFL has seen in decades.  The defense is incredible — by far the best in the league.  There are three corners in Seattle that are better than Darrelle Revis.  They are better than Revis because they are surrounded by excellence, and when you are surrounded by excellence you are winning.  The Seattle Seahawks are winners, therefore they are winning.  “Eat that Revis.”

Hawk Tawk is on the rise, slowly but it is.  Do me a favor, unless you hated this piece, and pass it along to your friends.  Use that smart phone, or tablet, or public library computer if you must.  I would love to see over 2,000 hits for this week’s Hawk Tawk that would be pretty cool.  My goal is 2,000 for now.  Every week the count had climbed except last week, which is still well below 1,000.  So come on 12thmen and 12thwomen, tell you’re friends to read, they don’t even have to get up, 12thmanrising.com is right here at your fingertips.  Go get a cold frosty mug of your favorite cerveza, I will be waiting.  Do it, now.  In all seriousness, I’m joking sort of.

Next up is the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Gus Bradley is probably hoping that we still do all the same stuff the same way he did it when he was the defensive coordinator.  Seattle probably does, only they do it better this year.  The Seahawks cannot take the day off here, this is the biggest game of the season right?  That is what they all say, one game at a time, each game is the most important when it is the next game you play.  Jacksonville does not have a lot of tangible talent, but those are the ones that jump right up and bite you when it counts.  Needless to say, Seattle needs to bring the same mentality to the game as they did against San Francisco.  It should be a very fun game for 12thman to watch, but not so much for the Jaguar fans.  Let’s hope that is more truth than projection.

I got a weird email from my buddy Ted yesterday morning.  He is trying to build his portfolio, something about modeling for a living, I don’t know.  He asked if I could solicit some Hawk Tawk readers for ideas for his next shoot.  he wants to know what kind of Seahawk-triotic trouble he can get into and then have pictures taken.  He is roommates with my Dad and Nonni out in Arizona, so I am sure they will be ecstatic that they get to follow him all over doing weird photo shoots.  Ted is always trying to be the center of attention, so why not let him?  You are one brave bear Ted..

12thman now, 12thman forever, Go Hawks!!