Seahawks Deal New Orleans An Old Fashioned Butt Whooping, 49ers next?


DangeRuss Indeed!

Hey there 12ers!

Once again, my post is late due to circumstances beyond my control.  However, not so late that we can’t Tawk about that Monday Night Arse Whooping the Seahawks gave the Saints!

I was traveling for the Army and found myself planted in Kansas City, Missouri for the game.  After figuring out that the Ruby Tuesdays next to the hotel would have the game on at the bar, I settled in for some cold Sierra Nevada and what I expected to be a heart damaging close game.  Not so fast, it became apparent on the Seahawks first possession that the boys came to play.  I don’t even mean the first offensive possession…I’m Tawking about not waiting for Russell to get going and taking the first TD of the game into the end zone defensively.  I am sure that I was a pleasant sight for all the forlorn Chiefs fans in the bar, jumping around and whooping it up like we 12’s  do.  Midway through the second quarter I asked the bartender why it was so quiet in the bar, and she told me, “because the 12thman is here and we don’t know how to respond to your noise!”  That’s right, I did that all by my lonesome, though they were very friendly and I did do my best to be polite and non-offensive.  The 12thman got the record for crowd noise back, the Earth shook beneath the Seahawks feat, and the Seahawks showed the entire world what they can do when they start to play a complete game, even if just for three quarters.

Everybody knows the Bird is the word.

Let’s Tawk about the offense.  The running game never really seemed to get going, and that was disappointing.  Although New Orleans certainly stacked the line, and did all they could to keep Marshawn and company in check, in the end it didn’t matter.  America found out what happens when you dare Russell Wilson to beat you with his arm.  Seattle’s group of young receivers didn’t seem to have too much of a problem finding the seems and dipping out of coverage when Russell left the pocket.  Marshawn provided the punch necessary to keep the Saints worried about the run, and that is all that really mattered in this one.  The only reason that Seattle didn’t have more padded stats is that they went into clock management mode in the fourth quarter.  I cannot say I disagree with that strategy.  That was after all Drew Brees and the Saints on the other side of the ball.  You can never give him the ball and say just try and beat me, it rarely works well.  But, for three quarters the Hawks layered it on thick and creamy, just the way the 12’s like it.  What happens when they ask for an extra shot in their latte’?  Let’s hope we find out this Sunday.

The defense played lights out, and I have to say, Browner and Thurmond may have “doped” themselves into a ride on the bench.  Maxwell and Lane did a very nice job of stepping in seamlessly and providing coverage opposite Big Sherm.  I was very nervous going into that game.  Who would cover the tight end?  Who would spy Brees?  Who would be assigned the slot receiver?  Never-mind, I did all that worrying for nothing, the “Legion of Boom” had it covered.  I was very very impressed with Kam Chancellor’s performance, I will just go ahead and say it, “Kam, you and Earl are the loves of my football life, will you guys marry me so you can be Seahawks forever?  “We can adopt Sherman, that way we keep the family together forever!” needless to say, I love Seattle’s defense right now, how big were the signings of Bennett and Avril?  Huge, I know, huh?  Let’s hope it carries over to this Sunday, there is kind of a big game coming up.

I bet Harbaby is crying about something right now, maybe the fact that there will be a banner flying over the stadium on Sunday?  Or maybe he is worried that the  Seattle Seahawks are primed to whoop his 49ers during the final match-up between the two teams at Candlestick park?  If nothing else he is probably crying about the fact that Seattle has two players dealing with substance abuse suspensions, neither of which are needed to spank some 49ers hind end.  I do need to mention that Harbaby actually dished some rare praise on Russell Wilson as seen here, and there was even some respect thrown from Justin Smith.  Those are rare and memorable moments, but let’s wait and see how they feel after the game, shall we?

The 49ers game should be a close, difficult, challenging game.   I would like to think that my fears are alleviated in the first quarter, much as they were against new Orleans, but that is not how my brain works.  I prefer to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  Our Hawks have proven that they can win the difficult games on the road.  They have shown that they can overcome adversity.  They have shown that they have yet to play their best football.  They have shown that they are special, not just different, but really really special.  They have gathered an Army of supporters throughout the world, and that Army shows it’s colors everyday.  The Seahawks have an identity that they have never before had.  They are feared and respected.  They play hard and fast.  The will beat you up if you don’t properly prepare.  If you properly prepare, they still might whip you.  If they don’t whip you physically call it a good day, but know that they got in your head.

Sunday is the “D” day of the Seattle Seahawks year.  If Seattle can go into San Francisco and take the game, they will own the home field advantage throughout, first round bye, and a rightful self administered path to the super bowl.  The Seahawks are in full control of their destiny, and only the Seahawks can change how it all plays out.  They are the best team in the NFL, not because I say so (well, partially) but because they have earned that title.  It should be clear that the path to the Superbowl goes through Pete Carroll’s Hawks.  If that doesn’t get you pumped, nothing will.

Brisket and Pulled Pork, how do you celebrate Blue Friday?

For Blue Friday, I am smoking a brisket and a Boston butt pork roast.  Why?  Because I am in Texas, and that is how we roll.  It is currently 31°F, but the smoker is an even 215° and holding.  Tonight we will enjoy stacked meat sandwiches with friends and Tawk about Seattle’s dominance this coming Sunday.  I understand that on any given Sunday, anything can happen.  I also understand that on any given Sunday, the Seahawk just might surprise you.  Heck, they may even surprise me.  But, this week, I am looking forward to the expected.  The Seahawks just might capture your heart, if you let them.  They will certainly capture your eyes and ears, regardless of your efforts to deny your senses.  12thman now, 12thman forever, GO Hawks!