Super Bowl 2014: Revenge for the Seahawks


Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Less than 72 hours until kickoff at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The Seahawks players, coaches, front office and every single fan from the youngest to the oldest have been waiting for this moment since 2005.

More than 50 players from the Seahawks roster have been stamped with  the title of underdogs. They all have something to prove. “I know every single team and DB who went before me.” He was picked 154th overall and his right hand man, Bryon Maxwell, received a personal phone call after hearing the phone ring 172 other times for 172 other players.

Doug Baldwin never heard his name called. Even Max Unger, the center, was chosen in the 2nd round.

Most of all,  Russell Wilson waited three rounds and 74 picks before he was able to let out a sigh of relief and hold up a Seahawks jersey with Roger Goodell. “I could’ve been playing baseball right now,” which is what was originally in store for him when he was first signed to the Rangers, “but football was where I was supposed to be.”

A chip has been on the Seahawks shoulders for 7 seasons now. “They have this grit about them that really could be called upon like it’s a chip on their shoulder. There’s nobody that has a bigger chip than WR Doug Baldwin,” says Head Coach Pete Carroll during media day.  Now, it’s not about who can rush the most yards, or intercept the most passes, now it’s about revenge.

On how Carroll keeps his team focused, he tells them, “Try to stay the same. We’ve had a very strong couple of years here and have played with a really good mindset and I don’t want that to change. We’re really trying to do the things that we always do and just stay with that and stay true to ourselves. If we do that, we’ll be okay.” Okay enough to win a championship. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Now, its less than three days until they take the field. We’re ready.