AFC’s 3 Biggest Contenders: Threats to the Seahawks’ NFL Crown

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May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Bradley Roby (Ohio State) holds up his jersey after being selected as the number thirty-one overall pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft to the Denver Broncos at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports


It’s not often the Broncos were referred to as “petrified” for last season’s Super Bowl worthy season, but that’s just what Stephen A. Smith called them in an interview with Bobby Wagner on ESPN’s First Take Tuesday.

Maybe they were scared of the Seahawks, but they’re not scared of the AFC, not after what they did to the conference last season on offense. Slaying the dragon was not an easy task, even at home against an old and beat up New England team, but they got it done in semi-impressive fashion. After the embarrassing blowout loss in Super Bowl XLVIII, head coach John Fox and owner John Elway went to work and pulled out all the stops to turn their roster into an immediate return Super Bowl team.

You see, their window for this thing is closing too. Manning has maybe two seasons left in him and if they could win the ship this season I think he might hang them up. Speaking of sparing no expense, the Broncos went out and bought the best money could afford in free agency to shore up a fast but soft defense and also get just a little better on offense. Then they took their first pick of the NFL draft and went defensive again.

Copy much? But they had to do it that way, they just got torched by Seattle’s team speed all over the field, but especially on defense. Yes the offense got beat down but they really can’t get too much better offensively. After all they set records as the best offense in the history of offense last season. What more can they do?

If the Broncos don’t win-it-all this year or next, I’m pretty sure they are done for awhile, but while it lasts they are the most capable team to get to the challenge of Seattle because of Peyton and that offense. Unfortunately for them and any other AFC team that would challenge for the championship, “Legion of Boom” is an offensive black hole, and we’re not talking Raiders territory.