Madden NFL 15: Top 10 Seattle Seahawks by Rating


After watching the Seattle Seahawks falter late and go down to the Denver Broncos last night, it was great to see that the AFC West and NFC West ratings were revealed for Madden NFL 15. Let’s have a look.

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The top 10 is pretty accurate if you ask me. Of course your Madden 15 cover athlete Richard Sherman is going to be 99 OVR. After that Beast Mode is tied with Earl Thomas at 95, followed by Russell Wilson and Kam Chancellor at 93.

That’s the top five and it’s pretty good. Wilson is a top-five quarterback in the game (though we’re not sure where exactly that is), which I feel means that quarterbacks are pretty well balanced in the game.

Let’s take a look at the table before moving on to a few more thoughts.

[table id=8 /]

I also think the next-five are very close to right. Brandon Mebane definitely gets overlooked in real life, but in looking at the ratings, it looks like the Madden crew got it right. He’s one of the more dominant nose tackles in all of football. Percy Harvin’s up there as the final player in the 90’s (for those wondering his speed is 96 and his acceleration is 97).

Then we get to Michael Bennett, Steven Hauschka and Bobby Wagner to round out the top-10. I still don’t know why people don’t think of Bobby Wagner as one of the best MLB’s in the game? He’s ranked eight points below Patrick Willis and has quite frankly outplayed him in each of the past two seasons, but an 88 is respectable nonetheless.

So that’s your top-ten 12s. Only a couple weeks away from the release of Madden 15, then we can go beat up on everybody as Super Bowl champs for the first time.