Seahawks vs Chargers: Robert Turbin exceeds expectations


After a long time of not meeting his team’s expectations, Robert Turbin made it obvious to the Seattle Seahawks.

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Obvious that he should be kept into consideration when nominating the starter at the running back position after Marshawn Lynch departs the team and to be Lynch’s back up in the following season.

The third-year running back exceeded our expectations as he gave his best performance on the field during Seattle’s 41-14 preseason win over the San Diego Chargers with 81 yards on 12 carries in the first half.

He was fast with great vision, and finished what he started. He acquired nine yards on his first carry and six on his next. He out-ran the defenders for 47 yards on the Seahawks second possession.

Concerning Christine Michael, Turbin was more dominating on the field.

Unfortunately, he fumbled the ball for his second time in the preseason, but he had the ability to secure the ball again.

That being said, no matter how good he is, he needs to have a high security on the ball because such turnovers will cost the team a lot when the season begins.

Now comparing that with Turbin, who averaged four yards on 157 carries, Michael recorded one fumble only. Michael might be the better player, and he was impressive in the Seahawks training camp during Lynch’s holdout and in the Seahawks preseason opener, while Turbin didn’t meet the team expectations.

Early in the season, I wondered just how good Turbin could be, then I compared the two similarly to how I am comparing them now.

It is still unclear on whom is going to be Lynch’s back up this year since both players have played relatively well. The coaching staff will have to make a decision between Michael, who is the player filled with threatening skills and high potentiality, and Turbin, who is the player filled with more experience and reliability.

The whole situation currently depends on what coach Pete Carroll is significantly aiming for. Would he prefer playing an inconsistent reliable running back over a skillful running back with high potentiality that lacks experience or vice versa?

In the meantime, it doesn’t matter who becomes Lynch’s back up. What matters is that the coaching staff should give both of the players the proper amount of time playing football with the team in order to develop, and be ready when Lynch leaves the team.