Seattle Seahawks News: The Seahawks Are On A Mission


If you have time this week, send a thank you note to Seahawk Headquarters in Renton.

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On second thought send three.

Thank Pete Carroll for his never-ending optimism. Let Darrell Bevell know how much you appreciate his creativity in calling plays. And show Dan Quinn how grateful you are that he returned to Seattle to lead this great defense. It’s under the tutelage of these coaches that has the Seahawks playing at a high level.

The Seahawks showed the nation Thursday night how prepared they are. The Packers are a good, well coached team. In order to dominate in the fashion Seattle did, preparation and hard work are key. Players who have a consistent and trusted coaching staff will help in building an environment of success. This makes it much easier for them to believe in Seahawk football. The end result is a 20-point victory to start the year. So fun to watch.


8 Things We Learned From Seattle’s Opener 

1. Richard Sherman is respected as the league’s best cornerback, even by elite quarterbacks.

2. Marshawn Lynch does not need the preseason.

3. The 12th Man proved they can be louder.

4. The pregame celebration was world class.

5. Russell Wilson is an elite player and leader.

6. Seattle’s defense is a must-have for your fantasy team

7. It’s official fans. The 2014 Seahawks are even better than the 2013 title team.

8. Percy Harvin is really good.

Seattle took a big step in the right direction Thursday night. Carroll has this team believing it can be successful each week. So enjoy this golden age of football in Seattle. The ride won’t last forever.