NFL Power Rankings: Riles Power Hour Week 3


Boy did I get roughed up by placing the Chicago Bears at No. 32 last week. On Sunday they proved their potential (for one quarter anyway). By embarrassing the San Francisco 49ers, I was able to feel OK about Seattle’s first loss.

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Thanks Bears.

That win at Levi’s Stadium (San Francisco’s new home), along with other solid performances (Buffalo Bills), caused this Power Hour to get shaken up a bit. So for this week I focused on a top-16 list.

The NFL’s Sweet 16.

The First 6:

1. Seattle Seahawks

2. Denver Broncos

3. New England Patriots

4. Cincinnati Bengals 

5. Green Bay Packers

6. Philadelphia Eagles

An adjustment, but not a whole lot. The Seahawks, after Week 1, had some writers and talking heads sending them to Glendale, Ariz. After Week 2, the same folks were talking about a team in trouble. The truth is, those people were wrong both weeks. It’s too early to put Houston in the top-10, just as it’s too early to declare a Super Bowl winner. By the way, the Texans look like they have dramatically improved.

The Next 6

7. Carolina Panthers 

8. San Francisco 49ers

9. Arizona Cardinals  

10. Indianapolis Colts 

11. San Diego Chargers

12. Chicago Bears

Rankings nine through 12 could be switched around. These four teams look good after two games. At least two will move into the top-10 this season. All six have work to do, but overall a solid group.

The Other Four 

13. Buffalo Bills

14. Baltimore Ravens

15. Detroit Lions 

16. Pittsburgh Steelers 

The Lions are a team with a lot of talent. Once they play with consistency (looking in your direction Matthew), this NFC North club will win a lot of games.

The team I have enjoyed watching so far? Buffalo. It’s early, but their enthusiasm and belief in the Bills system can take them a long way.

And that concludes the Week 3 RPH. Seahawk fans are getting ready for a date with Peyton Manning. The Browns need to capitalize on their huge performance in Week 2. Week 3 is going to be another great one in the NFL (this does not include off the field activities).