Seattle Seahawks Victory Was About Russell Wilson, Not A Coin Flip


The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks played an emotional, hard fought game on Sunday afternoon. A regular season classic.

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Both teams clearly deserved to win; both teams made errors enabling the other to have a chance. In the end, it was Seattle with a big, early season win.

To some, however, Seattle’s win wasn’t about performance on the field. Peyton Manning, who never uses excuses, told the media that “overtime rules put a premium on the coin toss.”

Yes it does. It’s been that way in one form or another for 74 years. All NFL teams and games are subject to this rule. On Sunday, it was an advantage for the Seahawks. An advantage Denver, not a win.

Nobody can argue how frustrating Sunday was for Denver. Seattle’s defense brought their best, making it difficult for Denver to utilize their offensive weapons. Respect for that defense can be seen on a 3rd & 9 in which John Fox opted to run.

The same was done later on a 3rd & 10. Finally, late in the game, Fox remembered his team has Peyton Manning. Seventeen points later, the Broncos had a chance to win. Manning is that incredible.

Unfortunately for Denver, Russell Wilson is pretty good as well.

Against the league’s top defense, the Broncos found a way to get this one to overtime. Against a solid Denver defense, the Seahawks found a way to win. So if you’re blaming the Peyton “tails” call for the Broncos loss, watch the OT again. Or just consider some numbers:

  • 13 plays, 80 yards, in just over 5 minutes
  • 4 rushes, 2 of them for 5 yards each on 3rd down. Result of both? 1st down
  • 4 passes completed with Percy Harvin as the main target
  • 7 wins with 0 losses in Russell Wilson’s career when facing Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers (though that 2012 win had help)

That was a clutch drive, making big plays. Denver’s defense simply couldn’t stop Wilson & Co. during extra time. There’s a good chance the defense was too tired. But the win was about Seattle playing better for those five minutes. Wilson played on a much higher level, while Marshawn Lynch went Beast Mode.

A coin being flipped cannot do that.


– Tony Dungy, during a NBC pregame show, compared Russell Wilson to Joe Montana.

Not surprisingly, he didn’t have many people who agreed.

Even by ignoring their close physical features, Wilson and Montana do have similarities. Passing statistics that are solid, but not always 300+ yards. The undisputed leader of their team. Players and coaches respect them. First Super Bowl win at 25. Joe won four more rings, while Russell hopes to win even more. So they’re both determined. Similar, not the same… yet.

– Since the end of Sunday’s game, the chatter has been about a repeat Super Bowl match up in February. Football fans of America would tune in. Seattle-Denver II was the highest rated game for Week 3. Imagine the ratings for meeting III.