For RGIII, Russell Wilson’s The QB He Was Drafted To Be


It would be hard for most of us to feel sympathy for Robert Griffin III. He exploded onto the scene in 2012, won Rookie of the Year and cashed in with unlimited Subway foot longs. The world was his.

Then he became JaMarcus Russell.

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That’s a rollercoaster ride nobody could’ve seen coming. An unfortunate turn of events.

A reason for me to feel bad for him? Sorry, but no.

Then, Monday night happened.

Russell Wilson showed the old cronies of the D.C. media and a national audience what the Pacific Northwest already knew: #3 is an elite NFL quarterback. “Redskin fan” could only watch as they were reminded of the type of quarterback they should have.

RGIII also was painfully aware he could’ve been so great.

It was then my lower lip puffed out, eyes got big and I said, “awww, poor Robert.”

Monday night at 8:12 p.m. EST, Griffin was seen on the bench with tight, great looking hair. By 9:00 p.m. his hair was looking a bit disheveled, as his fingers frustratingly ran over it. His pain was due to an unbelievable performance and great team play, orchestrated by Wilson. That Elite QB from your Seattle Seahawks.

Quick Thoughts:

– East Coast Bias President, Tony Kornheiser, said great things about your Hawks and Wilson during his radio show Tuesday morning. It was finally admitted by his show that they rarely watch Seattle. They concluded that Seattle’s pretty good. That type of in-depth reporting is what makes this sport great!

– San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh is a (hard swallow) great coach. He made San Diego a really good college team. He redefined success at Stanford. He has guided the 49ers to three straight NFC title games. I have selfish reasons for wanting Harbaugh to stay: He is a great rival for Carroll. Outside of that, if San Francisco let’s him walk, that will begin a decent not seen by that franchise since….well, before they hired him.

John Schneider has gone about his business in a quiet, yet effective way. This past weekend he was praised during the Dallas game, Denver game and throughout the MNF pregame. If he did this job in New York he’d be a multiple-award winner. For Seattle’s immensely talented player evaluator, this was recognition well overdue.

– I find the name controversy in D.C. quite amusing. It seems Dan Snyder just doesn’t care if people are offended. Narcissism can do that. I am not Native American but if there are some who are genuinely concerned, listen to them. Hear their words out of compassion not publicity.