Week 6 NFL Projections: Picks for Every Wk 6 Game


Week Six NFL Picks

Five weeks are already in the bag and we’re quickly approaching the halfway mark of the regular season. For the most part the season has been somewhat predictable with very few surprising teams. The next few weeks will allow for some separation and the true identities of the winners and losers will become more apparent.

For now, we’ll have to assume that the Bills, Browns and Saints are just mediocre teams. Give it another five weeks and we’ll probably laugh at how one of those teams has gone winless in that stretch and another is undefeated. The NFL works in mysterious ways.

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We’ve learned that the San Diego Chargers are a legitimate Super Bowl contender along with the Bengals, Seahawks and Broncos. The Dallas Cowboys are pretending to be, and the Cleveland Browns are good enough to not end up with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders as contenders for the 2015 NFL Draft’s #1 overall pick.

Every week I’m going to offer my projections for the full slate of NFL games. This is the first installment in what will be a weekly column.

Thursday Night Football – OCT 9th

Final. . 10. w. 46

Sunday Early Games – OCT 12th

I almost gave the Jaguars their first win of the season here.

48. . 26. Final. w

The Bucs have come so close to winning some big games. This is where they finally pull one off.

. 30. w. 45. Final

Final. . 60. w. 50

Even with Calvin Johnson out, the Lions won’t have a problem scoring thanks in large part to the signing of Golden Tate, who’s already having his most productive season as a pro.

47. Final. . 16. w

The Patriots really fooled us with their performance against the Chiefs. People were actually calling for the benching of Tom Brady after that one. One week later and all is well in New England. Buffalo has played great in a few games but I don’t see them beating the Pats, even at home.

87. Final. w. 56.

I’ll be a little surprised if there are more than 20 combined points scored in this one.

w. 53. . 55. Final

This one too, actually.

w. 49. Final. . 59

Sunday Late Games – OCT 12th

28. w. 13. Final.

This is my lock of the week. Which really means the Raiders will get their first win of the season against their division rivals.

. 57. Final. w. 44

The Bears are just too good at being the Bears. Despite holding a double digit lead for the most of the game, they’ll probably end up losing in the final minutes to the Falcons.

123. Final. w. 36.

Now this is going to be a fun game to watch. Not because it’s going to be competitive and go down to the final minutes but because Tony Romo is bound to “Romo” the hell outta himself against the best secondary in the NFL.

Sunday Night Football – OCT 12th

31. Final. . 54. w

It seems the Giants always pull off one huge surprise victory over a division opponent and this is where I think this years will come.

Monday Night Football – OCT 13th

42. Final. . 51. w

You have no idea how badly I wanted to pick the Rams to win here. The 49ers aren’t the same caliber team they’ve been the past couple seasons and I’m thinking the Rams have an upset in them at home.