NFL Picks Week 6: Colts at Texans, Cowboys at Seahawks and More


Our week six NFL picks see our staff choosing six unanimous games and another six that had just one lone vote preventing them from being a clean sweep across the board.

Can you believe that we’re already six weeks into the 17 week NFL Season? Man, time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

Two of the NFC West teams have our complete faith in being able to knock of their opponents while one, the Rams, have one believer thinking they’ll manage to pull off the upset of the rival San Francisco 49ers in St. Louis. And we won’t even be mad!

Colin believes that the Jaguars will earn their first win of the season this week while going to Tennessee to face the Titans. Although many former Seahawks’ players and coaches are a part of the rebuilding Jaguars, none of us agreed with him. Silly Colin.

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Apparently the biggest wild card game this week is the Steelers at Browns as both teams drew an even three votes. I’ve been to First Energy Stadium, formerly Paul Brown Stadium, and saw a Steelers vs Browns game. These two teams play extra tough against one another as it could very well be the most intense game I have ever witnessed live.

Even with an injury to Calvin Johnson possibly keeping him out against the Vikings, five of our six panelists think there’s no stopping the Lions passing attack with former Seahawks wideout Golden Tate catching Matt Stafford’s passes. Tate is easily having the best statistical season of his career, as we all figured he would in that offense.

Surprisingly the 4-1 Eagles have only earned two votes in their New York Giants matchup. Even though the game is played in Philly, the Giants always play their division rivals to the last minute and find ways to win more times than you’d think.

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Note: Co-editors of 12th Man Rising, Mitch Quesada and Paul Novak make up the panel alongside writers Richard Riley, Colin Floyd, Kenny Jackson and Thomas Oide.