Seahawks Trade Percy Harvin: 5 Players That Will Benefit

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

1. Marshawn Lynch

Judging by Marshawn Lynch’s tweet, he may in fact be sad to see Percy Harvin leave. But his departure will undoubtedly bring the focus of the offense back where it belongs – the running game.

Thus far Lynch has carried the ball 20, 6, 26, 17 and 10 times in the respective five games the Seahawks have played this season. That’s an average just over 15 carries per game.

During the 2013 regular season and playoffs Lynch averaged over 19 carries per game. At 4 yards per carry that comes out to an extra 250 yards for just the regular season. In the loss to the Cowboys Lynch only had 10 carries.

With Harvin now gone, you can be sure that number doubles and his impact will be greater than over the first third of the season… thanks to the Percy Harvin trade.

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