The Psychology Of Why We Love Our Seattle Seahawks


Walking Dead, Episode 2 of The 5th Season: It’s really saying something when a Walking Dead episode is described as psychotic and disturbing. But that’s what we got. Rick is very suspicious of Father Gabriel. Terminus has started to rebuild while Gareth is miles away from nuts and is becoming a whole new version of demented. Lastly, I really hate walkers in the water. Please read on to the article:

Everybody knows that fan who takes being a fan way too far.

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Or maybe you are that fan.

And I only mention “fan” because casual observers, who really like football and the Seahawks, don’t lose their minds after a loss. Or when the cable goes out during a game. Or if there aren’t any commercials with a model eating a huge burger. Or a monkey eating a huge burger.

In this great nation, the NFL is king. Fans miss the game so much in the offseason, the draft has become a primetime event. So what makes us so passionate and emotionally invested in the Seattle Seahawks and NFL?

Can we figure out if our passion has gone too far?

For two years I studied various types of psychology. Of those, my favorites were death and dying, child development and the effects media has in a person’s life. These areas of study cover a wide range of experiences. In fact, many similarities exist between the three. In any case, I want you to know whether you’re passionate or just certifiable.

Below are questions to help determine that:

If your spouse is choking during a big game, do you:

  1. Turn up the TV
  2. Hand her a beer to wash the food down
  3. Do the Heimlich with one eye on the TV
  4. Put her welfare above the game

The cable goes out while the Seahawks are playing. How do you respond?

  1. Throw the dog at the TV
  2. Sneak into your vacationing neighbors house who luckily have a dish
  3. Burn down the cable company’s building
  4. Use that time to finally snuggle with your partner who won’t stop asking you to snuggle

From February to August you’re a faithful church-goer. September to February you are:

  1. Never seen
  2. Suddenly agnostic
  3. Only interested in hearing the gospel of Pete Carroll
  4. Same helpful person and church-goer who watches football when time allows

Your house is on fire an hour before the Seahawks take on the 49ers. You know people may be in danger. You:

  1. Fight flames to get extension cords allowing you to set up your TV and surround sound in the yard
  2. Throw water bottles into the house for trapped people saying, “Wilson back to pass”, before each toss
  3. Spend game time in the family TV area of the burn unit
  4. Save your family

Because of your obsession, you are served restraining orders from:

  1. Russell Wilson
  2. Marshawn Lynch
  3. Pete Carroll
  4. Your entire family

Be sure to answer honestly. If you didn’t consider #4 for the first four scenarios, print out your responses and take them to your next counseling appointment. You are in need of help.


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