Seahawks News: Move Over 49ers, It’s A New Drama Queen Team

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We were warned 12s. We were told a storm was blowing in and we ignored it.

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We were that one guy walking while texting, not aware of the construction dead ahead. And just like that guy, who was quite surprised as he fell into a sewer, we are left to wonder how this could happen.

The most impressive aspect of Seattle’s Super Bowl winning season was their closeness.

A true brotherhood that was color blind and ready to go through walls for Pete Carroll. Practices were loose but incredibly focused. The 2013 Seattle Seahawks were determined to win a title for 12s everywhere. To win for their coach and teammates. Then, finally, for themselves.

That storm I spoke of earlier? It’s the most destructive a team could experience.


I know this team well enough to have confidence when Richard Sherman says they’re fine. In fact, while the defense isn’t showing last year’s dominance, they have avoided becoming a fractured unit. But the offense has lost it’s mojo, it’s identity. And no matter how much we want to, we can’t continue to blame Percy Harvin.

Here’s a couple of issues coming out of the Seahawks sewing circle: