Seattle Seahawks: Pete Carroll’s Optimism Is Justified


The players and coaches of the Seattle Seahawks spoke to the media after Sunday’s victory and two quotes stuck with me: “This was, I think, the closest we’ve been to being on it.” Pete Carroll opened his Monday press conference with that little nugget. This guy is so incredibly positive. Most viewers were fixated on the 2nd half, Carroll focused on the 1st half.

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The second quote was by Seattle’s running back, Marshawn Lynch:

“_ _ _ _ _ _”. Powerful stuff.

This was a win at the NFL season’s halfway point. A season that is long and brutal. Somehow, this often injured team has played just well enough to be 5-3.

Incredibly, the Seahawks are only two games behind the division leading Arizona Cardinals. And wouldn’t you know it, they have two games coming up against the Red Birds.

Fun fact: Seattle will once again play a regular season game at the site of the upcoming Super Bowl.

I’m sure I’m providing our readers with information they figured out long ago. If not, you’re welcome.

The entire national sports media is doing their best to beat this team down. The Seahawks are constantly in no-win situations. Take Sunday’s win. It was treated as a loss by several writers. If Seattle had won by 21 points, the same people would have downplayed it as a game they should win.

That is where Carroll does his greatest coaching. Gather the troops and reset.

I will admit how tough it is to read this team. There are more than a few anxious 12s around the world with the same issue.

The good news? In eight games we will have much more clarity.

Random Stuff

  • Sunday’s win is a great sign. Last year Seattle won close games against teams who weren’t very good. Tampa Bay, Houston and St. Louis gave the Hawks all they had.
  • Marshawn Lynch dragged both team’s linemen into the end zone for a score Sunday. No other RB today runs with that kind of power and will. Earl Campbell type of power.
  • The Rams win inside the 49ers jeans, is why I believe that team will do special things in a year or two.
  • Seahawks TE Luke Willson is expected to do quite a bit during all offensive plays. But you’d have to think Carroll just assumed he could catch. Things are so bad, Seattle keeps spelling his name wrong.